WHY LED's? NRG Illumination Ltd 2017


The very latest LED Technology makes financial sense.

The benefits of LED lighting in yourhome or office are being heralded in local papers, magazines, blogs, the news and the internet. But despite all this there's a surprising amount of misinformation out there so what are the real advantages of upgrading to LEDs?

Lamp Life: LEDs typically last 50,000 hours whilst a traditional halogen lamp has a rated lamp life of 2,000 hours. Even compact fluorescents don't proform much better with a typical lamp lifr of between 5,000 - 10,000 hours (depending on gear type and manufacturer.)

Durability: As LEDs do not have a filament, they are not easily damaged when jarred or bumped (i.e during transport) unlike regular incadescent lamps.

Temperature: LED lamps typically produce 3.4 btu's/hour compared to 85 btu's/hour generated by incadescent lamps.

Good for the Environment: Our LEDs are completely mercuy free.

Highly Efficient: At the time of press, LEDs generate over 100 lumen/watt (although 200 lumen/watt has been achieved in laboratory conditions.)

Conversely an incadescent lamp generates approximately 14 lumen/watt (based on Osram's Halolux lamps) and a compact fluorescent generates 42 lumen/watt (based on Osram's Dulux lamp.) Based on these figures, an LED lamp is up to 86% more efficient.

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