When I Decided to Love Myself Desert Lace Boudoir

Woman all around us, everyday, look in the mirror and do not know who they are. Insecurities target us all. We let them into our heads and then start to believe them. Don't. Let yourself love yourself and be loved. All relationships start with the one you have with yourself. Lets learn to love ourselves....
It was a Journey...
And Was a choice i had to make over each and everyday...
To learn to love myself and let myself be loved.
to embrace the beautiful mess, that was me.
And come to KNOW my Worth. That it would NEVER again be based on someone else's perception of me.

Book Now and ask about Payment Plan options for products...

I Now know what self love is... And if i can share that with Just One woman who is doubting her worth i have made a difference.

How Do Things Work?

You Decide on a package you would like.

We have you sign the contract via internet.

We send the retainer invoice over and once paid

We set up a date and time

We decide a good time for our phone consult

Phone Consult and I design a mood board for your session to show you the direction we are thinking of going and ideas for outfits.

each consult is unique.
each mood board directed towards you as a person.


everyday woman like you.

Then YOU decide on what photos YOU would like included in your package from EVERYTHING taken at your session. Not me.

Images are finished edited and products are then ordered once payments are complete.


Session Fee- $200- Includes Pre session phone consult and photographers time/talent


Digital Packages- Single Digital Image- $125 (5) Digital Images- $500 (10) Digital Images- $900 (15) Digital Images- $1,250 (20) Digital Images- $1,750

Portfolio Box - Wood box of (20) 4x6 Printed Images $1,500

Album Packages- (10) Page Book- $300 (15) Page Book- $550 (20) Page Book-$800

Canvas Orders- 8x10- $150 11x14- $250 16x20- $350 20x24- $500

Prints- 5x7 - $20 8x10- $50 11x14- $80 16x20- $125 20x24- $225

-----Testimonies -----
"I didn't think i could feel like myself again...But you proved me wrong."
"The experience made me see myself differently. I have been scared to love myself for so long."
"This is a beautiful thing."
"I cried when i saw my images... I cried."


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When you book a session with Desert Lace Boudoir, you do not just get photos... you get an experience.

"Let us a Woman, never doubt our self worth. Let us instead turn our backs on self doubt and be the strong woman we might of needed as a child, for our own children. The example we set for them now, has more influence then the sea has as it washes over the shore."

Email us at - Desertlacephotography@gmail.com to book your OWN boudoir session.

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