Canbury School Newsletter 6th March 2020. issue 186

Dear Parents and Visitors

How did Senior Welcome Morning come around so quickly again? But come around it did on Wednesday. We had a lovely session for Year 5 and 6 children who came to spend the morning with us in preparation for joining either this September or in September 2021. Seeing all the little ones bobbing about the place, and then looking out to the Sixth Form block across the playground, I was reminded once again just how fast these secondary school years fly by.

SWM visitors busy at Canbury

We have been keeping calm and carrying on this week in the face of the Coronavirus situation. The school has never been so clean and everyone has been busy washing their hands. It would be very helpful if you could buy your child their own hand sanitiser - stocks are running low here. Good luck finding it in the shops. On a more serious note we have regular updates from all external agencies on managing risk in and out of school. Should the situation change we will of course keep you fully informed.

Next week sees some important visitors to the school - the governors will be interviewing candidates for our potential new Head. Please remind your child that we are not only looking for a next fabulous leader, but we are also showcasing ourselves and all that Canbury has to offer. So best bib and tucker for all next week.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Great participation from Raul and Carlos aka Ollie and Freddie in Spanish this week.

Great work by all the year 7s on their art arabesque project. Special mention to Jessica who showed great focus and concentration throughout the lesson and to Freddie for a great start with his painting.

Year 8

The year 8 artists are still working hard on their Keith Haring sculptures, a lovely relaxed feel in class this week as they began the decoration process. It was especially lovely to see Peter enjoying his lessons so much and to hear him joining in and chatting with his friends.

Year 9

Fantastic effort from Shaaiyon and Ain in Spanish. It was like having two extra teachers in the room. Muchas gracias

Matthew for kindly helping one of Wednesday's visiting pupils find his way to the Mathematics classroom.

Year 10

Well done to Seb, Armani and Harry in Spanish for their oral participation in the lesson this week.

Well done to Aansh in English for demonstrating some excellent reading skills and commenting on the use of different presentational features in a text.

Ms Jones is especially pleased and proud of Evie this week for extending her social communication skills outside of school.

Well done to Ellie in Mathematics this week for working on her times tables.

Year 13

Great work this week from Chris in Mathematics. He has been working hard on drawing to scale.


Well done Harry!

Huge congratulations to Year 10 Harry who will be out of school next Wednesday morning as he will be collecting his Independent Travel Training award at a ceremony hosted by Richmond Borough. Harry completed his independent travel training course earlier this year and we are immensely proud of him. Such great progress young man!

Sports timetable for this next half term

House News

Anyone for Tchoukball? Come and find out all about it on the 10th March.

Give us your old mobile phones!

Mop up your old mobiles at Canbury.
Last week Caitlin was busy looking after little Cameo at the Horse Rangers Founders Day service at Hampton Court Palace. The blessing was followed by a service in the Palace chapel. Caitlin was delighted to be chosen to lead Cameo to and from the stables and escort him for the service. "It’s an honor for a ranger to be asked," said Mrs Trevor. As if that wasn't enough, Caitlin has been busy producing these beautiful photographic greeting cards to support her dad, who is running the London Marathon in April for the Down's Syndrome Association.

Meanwhile, we've had an approach for help from parents of young people with autism, from the ages of five to 25, to take part in a survey study about socio-emotional well being in children and young adults. Parents will be reimbursed for their time. 

Mrs Branney's off to the cinema tonight to see "Military Wives". Being a member of her local military wives choir we're sure the film will ring true with her!