Tremendous Content Review 01-09 -- 01-16

Another week, another review! This week is great with some amazing content being put out by both the veteran content providers and our newer team members. It seems that with every week T9A's content gets better and better!


Starting us off this week (Seems he does more often than not) is the big man himself BLONDE BEER (The Orange Road). This week the big man brings us a battle report against the Misses, as well as an intelligent video that explains the direction his channel will be taking this year. Very good stuff!

HLT1984 brings us some great pictures of excellently converted WoTDG Models. Once-Chosen, and a Wasteland Lord on a Dragon. You're going to love these pictures.


This week, 2DSICK brings us some great Battle reports! He also brings us an interesting article where he shares a company called THE LOST KINDOM. I for one and grateful that he brought this company to our attention!

One of the great ones returns to T9A and brings us buku content! MITTIERM is back and full blown into T9A content! Narrative battle reports, and how to's! Lets hope this is just the start of the plethora to come!

I'm up next with a battle report AND the first ever TREMENDOUS' T9A Square Table! Mittierm and Green Dragon Gaming join me for our live streamed episode. This is going to become a bi-weekly stream so check it out now before you have to spend hours catching up!

The ratman is up next! SKAVENINAZ is blazing away at T9A and brings us multiple Battle reports as his vermin tear away at his opponents. I love this guy's stuff! If you're wondering why, then go check it out and fall in love yourself!


HenrypMiller of AMMERTIME brings us a couple of great pod cast episodes this week! In the first he gives us a quick overlook of v1.3 lore and then jumps into the mailbag. (It made me laugh really hard) Part 2 brings us some insight into KoE and VC army builds. Both are excellent episodes! Check em out!


Speaking of excellent podcasts, Gelmarus of the THUNDERCOCKS Podcast also brings us a new episode where they go over v1.3 meta before delving into the lists for the UK Masters! This is a great episode well worth your time!

Raffazza of Slann Rat Radio brings us new episodes of his up and coming (And very entertaining) Podcast! This week its all UK Masters! Live Draw Pairings, Lists, and current rankings! If you're into T9A Tournaments at all, you need to get addicted to this man's Pod Casts!

Genephelphs of Wargaming from the Balcony brings us some great new battle reports this week! The Orcs and Goblins take on The Ogres and the Kingdom of Equitaine in 2 amazing reports!

Petterwass brings us some more beautifully painted Kingdom of Equitaine models this week. I love seeing what this guy puts up next and this week was no disappointment. Don't believe me? Take a look yourself!

Petterwass has also commissioned artwork of one of his generals. Its beautiful as well as the background!


Dark Wizard Gaming, one of our newer content team providers, and definitely going to be one of the best!, brings us a great video showcasing his gaming room. If this doesn't inspire you, check your pulse!

SirMC2015 of Green Dragon Gaming is up next with some absolute outstanding Battle Reports! If his content keeps coming this fast I'll never get any work done! lol! Great reports! Check em out!

WAAARGHAMMER! is back and brings us a great report against his brother! Stop reading this and bask in the greatness that is his battle report!

The Godfather is up next! This week he brings us two new videos! One is an excellent video explaining how to grow and cultivate your local Gaming community! The other is a sit down with a T9A exec where they discuss many behind the scenes subjects. I loved these!

Ahol of Mr.Axhol brings us a battle report from a Tournament he attended. Its all 3 2500 point games from the Defcon Tournament. Always love to see how people do at tournaments!

Dark Sky brings us a written battle report this week of elf on elf action! These reports are excellent, highly details, and with breaktaking pictures! Take the time, read the report, then thank Dark Sky for providing them! You'll be hooked!

Last, but certainly not least, Tunafishsandwichify returns to us to confirm that he is NOT dead. Which is good, I like his content! In his video to us he explains his absence and his plan going forward.

So, as you can see, this week was, OUTSTANDING! Every week gets better and better for T9A and this week is no exception. If you need anymore proof after checking out all this great content, then please give me a week, I'll provide you with even more examples why I'm right. Enjoy!

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