Tattoos on the Heart By izzy baker

Chapter 1 Reflection: In chapter 1, It starts off with a story about G’s friend Bill Cain whose father had recently often much weaker due to cancer. “Bill would put his father to bed, then read him to sleep”. Bill was always exhausted from taking care of him, and yet his father would never fall asleep, not right away at least. They did it every night until he died. This story I thought was heart-warming yet really sad. It showed me to keep appreciating what you have because you never know when you won't have it anymore. It was my favorite story out of chapter one, especially because people in my family have had cancer so I can relate.

Chapter 2 Reflection: In chapter 2, my favorite story was the one about G on the Fourth of July. I have always loved the Fourth of July so I think that's why I enjoyed this story so much. I found it amazing that even after someone disrespected G’s property he still managed to find his cool and talk to him with respect. He found a way to calm Himself and take the higher road. I think it's really cool how he did this and by doing so was able to keep the situation under more control than it otherwise would have been in.

Chapter 6 Reflection: In this chapter it starts off talking about a guy named Junior, who is an alcoholic. One day when Greg was walking, Junior shouted to him that he loved him. “You knew people loved you, but words never brought you to that knowledge” (130). I saw this quote and really liked it because i think it relates to the whole book because a lot of these gang members don't realize they are loved and that's why they resorted to gangs. Later on when it talks about Flaco and the car accident, some people are happy it was Flaco and not them, but they were quick to regret this. As gang members I think they often forget the proper way to treat people, but they do know what's right because even G says “Homies are good on regret, but bad on restraint” (132). These to quotes I feel really relate to the whole book, Homies aren't used to feeling important or loved so that's why often times they might join gangs but they do know what's right and regret the bad things they do. They go to Greg to change, showing they regret the bad things they do and want out, they want a life outside of the gang. Love is important to anyone and everyone, throughout this chapter I feel like this really shines through.

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