La llorona AY MIS HIJOS!!!!

Characters: the people in the llorona legend are a beautiful native women of Latin america called Maria who becomes the llorona, then there is he two children that she kills, and a rich Spanish soldier.

settings: the story is placedĀ in Latin america most of the events happening in a river.

A young and beautiful woman named Maria, meet and married a handsome, wealthy, Spanish Soldier, who she had two children with. The family of the soldier did not approve of maria so he left her and went with a younger and more beautiful woman. Out of rage, and for revenge she took her children to the river and drowned them. After she had realized what she had done, that she had killed her children, she started gribing, she started going crazy and was looking for he children who she killed. due to the pain she drowned her self in the river. her spirit was not allowed into heaven because of the horrific act that she had done. her spirits remains in earth condemnd to find her children.

the river could stand for something that sims like a good idea but ends up having bad consequences. the children could stand for your life.

the meaning of this legend can be to think and to choose reasonable choices when a problem occurs. because it can change and affect your life.

this legend keeps on getting told because, its used by parents to scare children. to scare children to stay inside after dark. to not go outside after the sun goes down. that the Llorna might be out and take them away confusing them for her children.


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