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Hello! I'm Angela Harris. I am a graduate of Caddo Magnet High. I am currently part of the Education Program at Louisiana State University in Shreveport.As I take on the task of gaining experience in the education field, I want to display some of the key ideas that I will implement in my future class.

"Oh the Places You'll Go" Bulletine Board

Part One: About Me

Section One: Personal Educational Philosophy

I believe it is a teacher’s job to lay out a foundation in which a child's basic needs are met.Once a student has received those needs, then he/she will have a greater chance of being more engaged in class. I believe all students have the potential to exceed any and all limitations that may arise. I plan on taking extra steps to ensure that my students have an understanding of the topics presented to them. The way in which students learn differ based on student needs. There are tools that I will incorporate into the classroom that will reach a variety of students. I hope to get students more engaged in learning in hopes that they become lifelong learners. I want my students to see how each thing we learn can be used outside of the classroom.An effective teacher also sets an example for how they want their students to perform each and every day. My overall goal as a teacher is to give students the foundation in which they feel comfortable going forward on.

Section Two: Philosophy on Educational Techonolgy

The incorporation of technology in the classroom is a must in the 21st century. Students use technology everyday after school. I plan on incorporating their technology into the class as a way to show them that their devices can be used for educational purposes.I believe that teachers should expand their usage of technology as it advances ,but not to let it become the main source of student learning. Technology can be a great tool for reinforcing material already learned or engaging students in a different type of learning style. One thing I plan on implementing in my classroom is Tech Tuesday.On Tech Tuesday,questions about technology will be discussed and I will allow students to have open conversations about technology. This would allow students to be in charge of their own learning because these topics will be something they're interested in. This would also allow students to gain information about computer safety. I believe the best way for students to be safe is by teaching them how to be safe. Technology will only get more advanced and I have to ensure that my students have the foundation they need to build on as technology advances.

"Blast off into Learning" Game

Part 2

Facilitate & Inspire Learning & Creativity

The Rainbow object works as a controller when it is hooked up to the Mackey Mackey. (The photo on the left is supplied by Flickr using Creative Commons.)

Makey Makey

The Makey Makey falls under the Standard of Facilitating and Inspiring Student Learning and Creativity. Makey Makey's are a great tool used to inspire student learning and creativity. Accompanying the use of the Makey Makey with The Launch Notebooks allows students to outline their plan and steps that will be taken to create a working object. The students have to understand how each piece of the Makey Makey works and how the pieces go together to construct the object. The Launch Notebook is a blueprint of how they will use the tools given to them and how they will assemble it.The use of Makey Makey's promote inventiveness and critical thinking. In Order to make a functioning thing, the Makey Makey's have to work properly. If an issues arises , the student have to reflect on how to resolve the issue. The students have to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other to reach the ultimate finish.

Design & Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences & Assessments

The creation of a lesson plan is a prime example for designing and developing digital age learning experiences and assesments. My lesson plan incorporates digital tools like Google Forms , as assessment of the lesson , and incorporates a technological aspect how to use the basic functions like opening up a web browser and using the omni box. When preparing this lesson plan, I have to take into account the the accommodations that would be needed to ensure that each learner is reached. I also have to incorporate different types of assessments to ensure my students are understanding the information being presented to them. I incorporated an activity in which the students had to do a scavenger hunt inside the classroom and outside the classroom to show how what is taught in class flows over into our home lives. My lesson plan uses two task, which are assessment and digital age technology use, to ensure students have positive understanding in how math pertains to the real world while recapping using the digital work.

Design & Develop Digital Age WORK & Learning

Various Pieces of tools that can be used in a Makerspace

The Mini-Makerspace Grant was a collaborative document created by the ED 202 class. In order to use Google Docs, a person must display their ability to navigate Drive, create a new document, share the document, and switch the setting from "view only" to "can edit". The Mini- Makerspace Grant was was a collaborative effort between the students.The use of Google Docs allows each team to insert their information simultaneously. In order to decide how the document would be set up, we had to communicate about the order of the relevant information. The Mini-Makerspace Grant showed the ability of how students can collaborate using today's technology and understand how grants benefit the classroom.

Promote & Model Digital Citizenship & Learning

The Digital Literacy Newsletter displayed some of the important topics that students and parents need to be aware of when it comes to internet safety. The Newsletter emphasized the topic of plagiarism and how the Fair Use can be used in their favor. The newsletter also promotes netiquette which is etiquette for the internet. The newsletter listed tips to ensure student safety and understanding of how to use information on the internet. The newsletter addresses information that is specific to both classroom and home interaction with technology.

Engage in Professional Growth & Leadership

Google Certification

Google Apps offers many different tools that fall easily under the Standard of Engaging in Professional Leadership and Growth and pertains to each of the substandards.Gaining a certification in Google allows me to stay on top of my task both inside and outside the classroom. Google has many different aspects that can be incorporated into the classroom that promotes both digital literacy and communication skills. Students will be able to reflect on their papers and even allow them the opportunity to comment on those of their peers through Google apps. Becoming Google certified would allow me the chance to help my colleagues become aware of how they can incorporate Google products into their class. Through my certification I can help those around me use google for efficiently and effectively. All it takes is one seed to create a garden and if i can be that seed to help my colleagues blossom into savvy tech people then I have obtained leadership skills and the chance to help my community grow.

Dr. Test Taker Prescribing Great Test Taking Strategies
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