The Journey of the Little Water Droplets Featuring: JOhNny and Carl - the water droplets

"Weeeeeee!" Johnny and Carl shouted. "Why did our friends go down the waterfall before us," Carl asked? "I think it's because we are at the top of the mountain and we don't melt that much from the Radiation of the sun, plus they were at the middle of the mountain," Johnny replied.
Johnny and Carl always wanted to travel to other places, they couldn't because they were always Precipitating in Washington State. When the summer started, they became Snowmelt and traveled as Runoff for the first time.
Johnny and Carl wanted to see the ocean because they announced, "The ocean has so many great colors and fish." "Wait, if we are in the ocean does that mean we are traveling to other places?" Carl asked. "Yes we are, but some places we end up in might be gross or nice because human beings can't clean the entire ocean which contains lots of bacteria." Johnny replied. "Good to know," Carl replied.
"Uh Oh!" Carl shouted. Johnny looked confused as if he felt somthing bad was going to happen. "Uh oh what," Johnny replied. "Look the sun," Carl said with fear in his voice! "Wait, if we get evaporated by the sun, wouldn't that mean we would go up in the clouds." Carl questioned? "Yes we would, I totally forgot about that!" Johnny shouted excitedly!
"Wow, it's beautiful up here," Carl and Johnny said. "Hey Carl, why don't we play some hide and seek?" Johnny asked. "Ok but, you're it" Johnny replied. Johnny started to count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, ready or not, here I come. Thirty minutes later Johnny cried out, "Ok Carl I give up, you can come out now." "Finally, I was about to fall asleep," Carl replied. Hey Carl, is it me or did it just get really cold up here? Yeah, it's freezing. Johnny and Carl started to see the clouds turn dark gray and see lots of precipitation fall down to the ground. It was raining!
"Wow, it's so cool up here," Johnny said. "Johnny you know we are falling right?" Carl questioned in fear. "Oh, forgot about that," Johnny replied. Splash! Johnny and Carl infiltrated the ground and became ground water.
"Hey wait up Carl, I haven't gone that far down," Johnny said excitedly! "We can probably hang out down here until the plants or trees use us in the process of evapotranspiration." "That's a big word," Carl said. "It's just another way of saying our journey is not yet over."
Johnny explains, "During transpiration, we can hang from the leaves of plants or trees where all kinds of animals can drink us up or fall to the ground, add to the runoff and return to the beautiful oceans." "I guess our journey does continue," Carl says.
"Now see where we have ended up Carl, all the way to the beautiful oceans which provides evaporated water," exclaims Johnny! Because the currents move so fast, there's no telling where we will be next. "What do you think will happen next Johnny," Carl asksed.
Johnny and Carl awoke in the early morning to a bright sunrise surrounded by clouds. "Wow Johnny, what happened when we were asleep," Carl wondered. "Well Carl, I think we evaporated when the suns rays touched the ocean waves," said Johnny. And boom, we are floating around the atmosphere in the clouds once again. What an adventure it has been they both agreed! An adventure indeed!
Created By
Kaden Berry


Created with images by Shingo_Nono - "sunset sun landscape"

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