Sky High by: zi Chen

Lets start from what we have to offer and what we stand for.

Our school's purpose statement: To be one of a kind through hardships, obstacles, and challenges.

School Motto: Learning today, to provide a better tomorrow.

School mascot and colors. Blue and green. Blue stands for intelligence, green stands for growth. Our mascot is a represents how everyone can develop in knowledge and eventually rise to the top. Chimps are one of the most related animals to us. Chimps are one of the smartest animals in the world, can you see how close they are related to us? Because you know, I like to think that we are smart too, I think.

What do we offer to students outside of classes?

A large cafeteria with food stands. The food are very affordable and healthy. On top of that, the food is actually tasty. Its a taste of whats it like here!

Now, our school comes with a supply store too, with a little investment that we got, boom! Teachers can buy endless amounts of white board markers while students buy new pencils everyday because they lose them so often. Of course they are affordable, we won't go bankrupt, trust me.

We wouldn't want you to use mediocre equipment to get mediocre results.

One of our classes like science are heavily equipped so you can learn with the best from the best.

Don't worry, we got laptops, for EVERYONE!

Sometimes teachers get mad when they think of great assignments for their students but it involves computers. Sadly, all are booked, labs and computer carts. Well in this school, every class gets a cart full of computers. For heavy duty stuff, visit one of our five labs.

We don't pair the classes with mediocre teachers.

All of our teachers get taught before school starts. They learn how to make sure everyone is getting the right information and getting taught properly. If a kid fails a class, you're not trying hard enough.

Teachers are required to run at least one extra-curricular activity. Its a good way to bond with students outside of your classes. Now you can see many different points of views so you can better improve your teaching experience. Finding out how some people learn would be great for both of you.

We only put teachers in what they are passionate about, boring English teachers teach about what they love. But the subject doesn't have to be boring, the teacher doesn't have to be boring. Get kids involved, not by giving them ten paragraph essays, give them a fun learning experience.

Now if we are making teachers follow some rules, it's only fair for students to have rules to keep the balance.

  1. Phones need to be off when a teacher or a student is speaking in front of his/her class. It's disrespectful.
  2. Students would accept the fact that they can’t hand in late assignments. It’s not the teachers fault for you not doing anything in class.
  3. No disrespecting other students and teachers in any way. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  4. Stay on task, don’t be complaining that the teacher didn’t give you enough time.
  5. No profanity

These are the most important.

Now we put 5 required subjects for you to learn in order to graduate. We think that these can help you branch off into what you like in the future if you pursue higher learning.

  1. English, we wouldn’t want you to use improper grammar outside of school or would we.
  2. Math, it’s a must have if you want to get into the science fields.
  3. Science, it can branch off into many successful careers.
  4. Management/ accounting, it would help you with your future bills or business.
  5. Wellness, learn about how your body works and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It might make even make you live longer if you follow through.

Students can vote for new courses, we allow that because we have many classrooms available. Now we only allow students who have outstanding grades vote, some students do have exceptions because of their involvement towards the school.

Also, our school provides three exclusive courses. First Aid, Engineering, and applied mechanics (Inventing). We make these courses available to anyone who has interest in learning these after high school. It is to give them a "head start".

The mood of our school

When a new student walks into this school, they feel a sense of a place that they belong in. A colourful, place that feels like home. Sunlight is everywhere you go, it makes you feel like you are not trapped and confined to this one area.

Students at this school are engaged because because of the teachers. They don’t overwhelm you with a bunch of notes and they try to condense their assignments like how students condense their notes.

Our school focuses on three things

  1. Having opportunities to learn interesting things
  2. Preparing students for what they want in the future
  3. We have a lot of courses for you try, you can find what you love/want to do after high school.

Now, if you like my school design, please contact:


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