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This page has to do with the Salem, Oregon variety of Brian Hines. There are others in the world. I'm this one, according to the Wikipedia link below. (But if you owe money to a Brian Hines, and are looking for him, trust me -- I'm your guy.)

Me! (OK, me a few years ago. Update by imagining more wrinkles.)

I am not shy about sharing my Brian Hines'ness with the world. Heck, in some sense with the freaking cosmos, given the law of electromagnetism, my occasional appearances on radio/TV, and billions of years of light-speed transmission. Here's some current linkages I make with the great big world outside of my cranium.

I've written four books: Break Free of Dogma; Return to the One; God's Whisper, Creation's Thunder; and Life is Fair. Given the reality of evolution, it isn't surprising that my views on science, spirituality, and philosophy have changed quite a bit over the years. Which doesn't definitely mean that some of what I said in these books isn't true. I just feel that it isn't true for me anymore, or that likely it isn't scientifically true given humanity's current understanding of reality. Here's photos of the covers and links to the books.

Break Free of Dogma
Return to the One
God's Whisper, Creation's Thunder
Life is Fair

Behold a GoPro video that has some excellent shots of my knees. In a big tube. Floating down the Metolius River in central Oregon. Where my wife and I co-own a cabin on Forest Service land. My granddaughter and her family took part in the tubing adventure.

In another video, you can marvel at senior citizen moi doing his longboard land paddling thing during a 2013 Salem Sunday Streets event. I definitely want this video shown at my funeral, or, preferably, a celebration of my life while I'm still alive, since I'd like to be able to hear all the good things people say about me. Such as, "This dude must have been the only 64 year-old guy to ever ride a skateboard down the middle of Salem's State Street."

I do a lot of citizen activism testifying at Salem City Council meetings. Here I am in 2015 praising a decision to allow early sales of newly-legalized recreational marijuana at Salem medical marijuana dispensaries.

Word-wise, here's links to some of my non-book writing. I chose some pieces that show the variety of my oeuvre. (A word I love, but don't get to use very often.)

Lastly, if you want to contact me by email, I'm eminently contactable.

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