THE DIVINE Paras Patel

The spatial experience

As I was walking to the theatre I have mixed emotions but soon as I entered the Constans Theatre it all changed. I was amazed on how many people came to see the show. Due to the large lines outside the auditorium, my seating was far back. If one thing I could change when I went to the play was to arrive early to get closer seating. People near me kept talking so it was difficult to hear. As soon as the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I was anxiously amazed on the perfect timing of the lights hitting the actors as the entered from the middle rear side. The size of the auditorium was perfect because from any angle you watch, you could see perfect. The role of place in the Good life is to show how our surroundings affect our thoughts.

Lobby of Constans Theatre

The Social Experience

When I attended the The DIVINE A PLAY FOR SARAH BERNHARDT, I went with one of my high school friends. She is also talking GOOD LIFE class so we decided to go together. Before the play, I got ready at home and then picked of two of my friends to the theatre. Attending with friends enhanced my experience because it allowed me to express my thoughts and questions with them. Next to me, I had one stranger with your friends. She kept talking and did not respect the performers by talking and texting. The role of shared experiences in the Good Life is to have friends and family that make you have a good time around you; to have someone when you fall. The role of shared experiences will also bring people with similar interests and thoughts together.

Lobby of Constans Theatre


The performance has definitely helped me develop a new way of seeing and understanding my own culture. As my family came from India, it was hard time for them to have jobs and money. My father and mother have supported my sister and I fully and did whatever they could to get us this far. Seeing this play reminds me of my trips to India. From the airport to my hometown, I could see factory conditions being horrible, abundance amount of poverty as well. Children begging for money and seeing this play brought those memories back. The central issue addressed in the performance to me is to chase for you dreams. Also the historical children neglect which addressed by the children working in the horrifying factory conditions. The performance has enhanced my thoughts on these issues even more. I know the Prime Minister of India, Nahrendra Modi is trying is best to resolve the poverty and children labor as much as he can. In America, I do not see this issue to be largely. This subject does matter have a relationship to something that has happening in my life. As of yesterday, February 4, 2017 at 4:20 pm, my grandfather has passed away. As in the play, the little boy dies from being locked underneath the factory when the famous actor comes in.

Lobby of Constans Theatre

The Emotional Experience:

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides an opportunity for "coming clean" because it allows the issue to be expanded and give knowledge to audience which allows them to react and take part of the issue. As talked about during lecture, celebrities, movies, and art overall sets or projects ideas into the society which makes the normal people like us to respond on the issue. If a famous person believes in an issue and tweets or post it on facebook today, it goes viral. It provided us the public society to katharsis by standing up to the issue to stop it.


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