Structures Jami Hafner

Project 1: Structural Equilibrium

Structural Equilibrium was achieved by using one dowel, a one pound wooden block, and two pieces of string. The key to this design is that the structure is being supported both horizontally and vertically. In order to be in equilibrium, the sum of the forces in the horizontal have to be equal to zero, the sum of the forces in the vertical have to be equal to zero, and the sum of the moments is equal to zero. This is achieved, as the wooden block could stand on it's own with just the dowel and string. If I were to re-do the project, I would have used a cable that was a little stronger than string, and maybe add an extra dowel for support.

Project 2: Bridge

Project 2 Evaluation: After constructing and testing the bridge only out of wooden dowels and glue, there were obviously places that could have made the bridge stronger. To begin with, the glue joints could have been a lot stronger and could have set in for a larger amount of time. Next, we can always have more trusses to support the basic parts of the bridge. Something that was successful was bending the wood into a curve, because this allowed the tension to distribute more evenly. There was never a point where our bridge started caving in, it just "snapped". The glue joints could no longer support the weight. We used wood glue, so if it had set, it would have been stronger than the wood.

All bridge photos are currently on Victor's computer, which is getting maintenance done.

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