Alexander The Great By Jaycee barnes

Alexander the Great was considered the greatest military leader of all time. He was born 356 BC to king of Macedonia, Phillip II, and his mother, Olympus.

At the age of 20, Alexander's father was murdered. Alexander was determined to get the throne. He gained the support of Macedonian army. He wanted to take over Persia, India, and Greece during his time as king. Before going to war with Persia he conquered the Thracian Triballians, securing Macedonia's boarders.

At the end of his northern campaign, Alexander got word that Thebes, a Greek city-state, had revolted. Alexander marched his men in and wiped the Thebians out. He did this to prove that he was in charge and this caused many Greek alliances.

Next, Alexander wanted to conquer Egypt. Egypt fell without resistance and there he created one of the many cities called Alexandria. After that he went to Iran, India and Persia.

Alexander wasn't satisfied and and continued to the Indus River, where he was stopped by his own army. They refused to go on and Alexander turned back to try to unite Macedonia and Persia but no one wanted that. Finally after all the fighting, it started to take a toll on his body.

Alexander died 323 BC at 32 years old. After his death, his empire collapsed and since there was no heir for the throne, nations inside started battling over it. Even though Alexander did some pretty crazy things, he was still a powerful leader and Greece might have never flourished if it wasn't for him.

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