The ABC's of Culture Margaret Race

A: Art and Literature

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Hamilton: An American Musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda

B: Buildings

Empire State Building in New York City
The US Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

C: Communication and Transportation

Apple iPhone 5s
School bus

D: Dress

Floral Vans
Knit Sweater

E: Economy

American Dollar
American Quarter Dollar

F: Family

Family divorced
Three Siblings

G: Government

Government Building
White House

H: History

George Washington
Civil War

I: Icon

The queen of the universe: aka Beyonce
Leonardo Dicaprio

J: Jobs

Theatre/Performing Arts: Hamilton

K: Knowledge

High School

L: Language


Movement and Migration

Moving to warmer climate

N: National Pride

Independence Day
American Flag

O: Organizations

National Honor Society
Girl Scout

P: Population

Population of US in 2015
Population of South Carolina in 2010

Q: Quality of Life

Lives in two story homes.
Has a car.

R: Religon

Celebrates Christmas
Celebrates Easter

S: Status

White Males usually have highest supremacy.
Women of color are known as a minority.

T: Taboos

Murder is viewed as bad.
Any form of abuse is viewed as wrong.

U: Urban or Rural

The suburbs are a popular place to live.
New York City is a very populated city.

V: Vacation and Recreation

The beach is a popular place to go for fun.
Many people go to the movies for fun.

W: Ways of everyday Life

People go to the grocery store to get food.
People use washing machines to watch clothes.

X: X Marks the Spot

Myrtle Beach is a big tourist spot, so it attracts a lot of people.
Broadway at the Beach is also a really big tourist spot.

Y: Yum

A Burger
Edible cookie dough from do- in NYC.

Z: Ztuff

an iPhone 5S

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