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A Strobe Light produces regular flashes of light. The light comes from a flashtube, or a xenon flash lamp. As with any light source, you can tint via gels.

A Monolight is a single bulbed light source similar to a hot light. It has its own power source and you can attach umbrellas. As with any light source, you can tint via gels.

A stand is a base for various attachments. You can put various lights or cameras on it.

Reflectors redirect light in a more needed direction. You can hold them or prop them anywhere needed.

A pocket wizard is a wireless remote that transmits signals to produce a flash. It is attached to the hot shoe via cord. Therefore, it is wireless to the device thats flashing, not the camera.

A hot shoe is a mounting point on a camera to attach compatible devices such a lights or flash units.

A soft box is a type of photographic lighting device, one of a number of photographic soft light devices. All of the various soft light types create even and diffused light by directing light through some diffusing material, or by "bouncing" light off a second surface to diffuse the light.

Barn doors redirect light to modify where it shines.

Gels are simply a color filter. They are transparent so everything transmits evenly and clearly.

Gobos (or flags) shield light from a camera or create a pattern for the light to flow through.

Sandbags hold equipment down and act as a weight for tripods or stands.

Tripods are stands with three legs for cameras.


Mykayla Perkins Bryson Christenson

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