" I Hear America Singing" By Walt Whitman


he hear his nations people singing. They are all singing and working or going to work and they are proud of what they have. The women sing as they work or do there household chores

The day ends and night comes and the young people go out to hang with there friends and sing and have a good time together.

The first part of the poem talks about people going to work and singing and it gives you the sense that everything is ok. You can visualize the young people hanging out at the end it says " at night the party of young fellows, robust, friendly, singing with open mouths". most of the words in the poem are positive like singing, delicious, mother, and melodious. I think the poem has a since of pride. The tone to the poem i think is Happy, and Friendly. The poem is happy because all of the words are positive and every one is singing and enjoying life. the poem is friendly cause at the end all of the people are being friendly and and enjoying each other.


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