My Core Values By Kaila Desdames

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

This is one of my favorite paintings of all times. It encompasses my core value of openness and expressiveness because I believe this painting was created in means of portraying that. Van Gogh created this painting in a time of depression and emotional peril. I believe Van Gogh expressed these emotions through this painting mostly because its so beautiful but it also has a lot of sad colors like blue and green to it which represent sadness and distress.

"All You Need Is Love" The Beatles

This song by The Beatles sums up my core value, Love, in a simple sentence. I think that love is the most important core value along with compassion and the Beatles definitely have a great way of speaking to that through their music. Love is what speaks to people and inspires people in hard times or in any time and thats why it is really important to have. The Beatles found a way to put it in a song and make it revolutionary.

The Other Woman (2014)

I first saw The Other Woman with my sister, it ties into my core value of friendship, family, and trust because these three values are shown throughout the movie. This movie really showed to me that in the midst of everything, its amazing and so important to have friends and family that you can trust and lean because sometimes there are people out there who you may learn that you can't trust at all. This movie spoke to me because it made me realize that and that its also important to cherish those moments.


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