Adidas Team: Just do it better (Sofia corelli, Emma Pluim, Jessica vikser)

The Birthplace of Adidas: Herzogenaurach, Germany. An small and secluded enclave of Bavaria, Germany.

  • 1945: Adolf Dassler founded Adidas following a feud with brother Rudolph.
  • The feud had a profound impact on the trajectory of Adidas’s history and the history of the sports industry.
  • 1954: The German team wore exclusive Adidas footwear in their win over the heavily favored Hungarian national team in the World Cup Finals.
  • Following the World Cup, Adidas and the infamous and innovative three stripe design gained international brand recognition.

Adolf built his company upon the foundations that all efforts should strive towards what is “only the best for the athlete.” He was dedicated to creating performance based products.

Adolf and Rudolph Dassler founded Dassler Shoes in 1924, which officially became Adidas in 1945.

Today, Adidas is the biggest sportswear manufacturer in Europe.

Globally, it is the world's second largest sportswear maker after Nike inc.

"Nike’s business is still by far the largest, generating $3.74 billion in sales in the most recent period versus $877.6 million for Adidas and $827 million for Under Armour."

"The adidas Group's global net sales amounted to about 16.92 billion euros in 2015."

“Adidas is a truly global sports brand. Therefore, everything we do is rooted in sports. Everything that happens in sports happens in moments. Every moment is a chance for the athlete to start over and take today.”

In 2015, Adidas was the most popular sneaker brand on Instagram
Opinions of Adidas in Germany

10 mentions per hour

Average Passion score = 26/100

Positive to negative mentions 3.2:1

5.3% Sentiment Change in the last year

MALE voice 76%, FEMALE voice 24%

Top Headline: “Today Marks an Important Day in the Future of Adidas as Premier Footwear Brand as They Unveil the First Model to come from Their New Speedfactory” (September 26, 2016)

21% sentiment change

Theme = expectation

Largest Negative Topic: Franz Beckenbauer, one of Germany's greatest soccer players and the president of the 2006 World Cup local organising committee

Created a line with Adidas involving 2 types of shoes as well as apparel

News broke that he was being investigated for corruption in Germany winning the bid to host the 2006 World Cup

Opinions of Adidas in the USA

5.8 mentions per hour

Average Passion Score 25/100

Positive to Negative Mentions 3.6:1

-4.9% Sentiment Change in the past year

MALE Voice 75%, FEMALE Voice 25%

Adidas & Kanye West collaboration: Yeezy's.

All 7 Yeezy releases have sold out instantaneously.

“Adidas racked up 78.8 million likes on its account, @adidasoriginals, likely due to the insane popularity of its Yeezy Boost collaboration with Kanye West."

  • Nike, even across its @nike, @nikesportswear, and @jumpman23, couldn't keep up with the popularity of Yeezy.”

Successful brand perception is heavily built upon the foundations of high profile athletes and celebrities, such as the likes of Kanye West.

Collaboration with Kanye and other highly noted celebrities has helped Adidas rebrand itself within the past few years. Celebrities are creating their own customized Adidas shoes, pulling in customers from all across the US.

Rita Ora's Three Stripe Line with Adidas
Pharrell Williams and Zaha Hadid's collaboration with Adidas
Targeting the Millennials
Adidas targeted a huge value of the Millennial population: Sustainability

These Adidas shoes are made of recycled ocean plastics, through a collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. Introduced in 2015, these shoes not only satisfy the aesthetic and comfort needs for consumers, but also their core values and ethics.

Consumers want things that are rare.

Yeezys and Parley for the Oceans Adidas are 2 great examples of a company using scarcity as a way of intriguing consumers

Infegy 'Posts' reveal that over the past couple years, Adidas has been really taking advantage of this 'rarity factor' to make consumers talk and obsess over limited edition items and collaborations with celebrities.
Road to Success

"CEO Herbert Hainer says that the company, which is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany, has “not been as present” in American sports as it should have been. “We definitely have made mistakes, there is no doubt,” Hainer told Fortune. “We are everywhere else in the world much more successful. In the U.S., we have not invested enough. I think in hindsight, we have not been as present in American football and in baseball as we should be. These are big sports in America. And I think we need closer contact to the consumer in America.”

Heiner's words are evidenced by the fact that today, "9/10 top selling sneakers in the United States are Nike."


  1. It is imperative Adidas capitalize on the growing football market and focus their efforts on providing professional athletes with high quality performance footwear and apparel.
  2. Soccer is becoming increasingly popular and pervasive in America as evidenced by the following facts presented by The Huffington Post;
  • The 2015 Women’s World Cup generated $40 million in ad revenue for Fox. That is more than double the projections. It outperformed the Stanley Cup Final, World Series and NBA Finals.
  • In 2016, soccer has that. Around 3 million kids play in U.S. Youth Soccer leagues
  • This year, over 60 professional teams will play in North America

This presents an idle opportunity to Adidas, as they are best know for their "soccer products". Adidas will be able to saturate the sports/ retail industry with their products, further heightening awareness and popularity for the brand in America.

Mark King, the President of Adidas Group North America said, "We are deeply engaged in society and culture and bring that together in performance and style. That’s why this brand has become cool almost overnight."

That said, Adidas should focus their time and efforts on producing innovative and technologically sound apparel and footwear that mirrors society and trends today. This will aid in Adidas's growth in North America.


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