Compliments A reason to smile By Parker wehking

Liz, Age 21

Rachel, Age 19

Kristin, Age 20

Morgan, Age 20

Kasie, Age 19

Alyssa, Age 18

Makayla, Age 21

For this project I chose 7 different female models to watch a short video called "A Reason to Smile." In this video a young man goes around a college campus handing out roses to random women calling them beautiful and telling them to have a great day. I photographed each model as they watched this inspirational video. The first of the two images of each model is a photo of the woman with a blank stare carrying no emotion. Each of the first set of images was taken during the introduction of the video. The second image is of them wearing a genuine smiling because of something they saw in the video.

"Use your smile to change the world. Don't let the world change your smile."

The video above is the video I had each of my models watch. This video is called "A Reason to Smile." Enjoy!

Created By
Parker Wehking


Created with images by Josch13 - "red rose rose rose bloom"

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