40 Day Reset cleanse ~ Restore ~ Revitalize

Hi + Welcome to These Next 40 Days!

Thank yourself for taking this awesome step towards taking responsibility for your health + wellness.

You are on the road to #livingyourbestlife because how you FEEL in your body determines the quality of your life.

When we feel energetic, happy, nourished + strong life opens up to us in ways that we never thought possible. So get ready to TRANSFORM your life!

This reset is designed to get you feeling your best. To do so we must fuel our bodies with the best quality food out there.

Plants are powerful. Plants heal.

So for the next 40 days you are going to choose from the abundance of colorful fruits + veggies that Mamma Earth has provided us--> Avocados, pineapple, mangos, green beans, kale, asparagus, beets, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, okra, leeks...etc.

This is a processed/junk food break-- A time for you to step away from the consumption of animals, dairy products, eggs, refined sugar, oils and all other highly processed food.

To cook without oil steam your veggies. You can also sauté them in vegetable broth or Braggs liquid aminos. You can roast your veggies in the oven without the use of oil, simple just cut them up, spice them up and throw them in the oven until nice and tender. Slow cooking is your friend when it comes to sautéing your veggies without oil. If you have a good non-stick pan then simple slow cooking your onions or veggies will get them nice and grilled.

When in doubt of what you can eat ask yourself these questions; " Did this meal have a mother?" if so say no thank you. " Did this meal come from the earth?" if not then say no thank you. " Was this meal sprayed with chemicals and filled with preservatives?" if yes then say NO.

Quality of Food Matters!!

This cleanse is designed to take toxins out of the body, namely GLYPHOSATE-- a toxic chemical found in our food supply that reeks havoc on the body. So for these next 40 days, and hopefully after, I encourage you to buy all organic produce, grains, nuts, seeds + legumes. Anything you eat, check to make sure that it is labelled ORGANIC + NON GMO.

HINT: If It doesn't say ORGANIC on the package then it's sprayed with chemicals that we want to avoid--Even though you don't see it, it doesn't mean it's not there-- If a company went through the work to be all organic they will for sure advertise it on their labeling.

These pesticides will disrupt your endocrine system, destroy your gut microbiome, increase your risk for cancer and other chronic diseases, affect your nervous system and cognitive function. It will deter the positive things we are doing in the program and can block your from achieving optimal health + wellness. It may seem tempting to buy the conventional produce that is a lot cheaper but buying organic is 100% worth the extra price.

Please go through your cupboards at home and discard any products that you have that are not high quality/ organic. This cleanse is NOT just for 40 days-- this cleanse is a jumpstart into your new life + your new life does not involve eating the same foods that got you to the place you are now. You will be way more successful on this cleanse if those past trigger foods are out of plain sight, so donate them or throw them into the garbage.


The Products

Biomedic- clinically proven to chelate glyphosate out of the body. It is a combination of ingredients that not only take the bad stuff out but help restore the gut lining, strengthening the villi in the gut preventing food from passing through into the blood stream. Capsule can be swallowed or opened up and put into smoothies, yoghurt, or any beverage. Biomedic is safe to take year round and advised to do so as we are constantly in contact with glyphosate and in need of keeping our gut healthy + strong. Biomedic is safe for people of all ages, even babies!

Shakes- Both the power shake and the super meal LOV are a great source of vitamins + minerals. These shakes are filled with the best of the best non GMO organic superfoods to saturate your cells with nourishment and give your body the essential ingredients it needs to thrive in an easy to digest, easy to use way. Simply add a couple scoops to water, shake + enjoy!

Vegan Aminos 23- a predigested protein supplement designed to by pass the liver and kidneys and get straight into your msulces within 23 minutes with a 99% absorption rate. This allows your body to buoild lean muslces and release fat stores. Great to take before you work out. * fun fact- dietary prtein takes about 180-360 minutes with an absorption rate of 16-30%. So this supplement is awesome!

Apothecherry- tart cherry concentrate that you take before bed to help induce deep sleep and healing. High in antioxidants and help with inflammation + joint pain.

The Schedule

There are 2 parts of this cleanse; 30 day gentle cleanse + the 10 day intensive. I recommend starting with the at least 10 days of the the 30 day portion first (during the supplements + shake once a day) and then during the 10 day portion in the middle or towards the end of the program. This way your body gets used to the products and your taste buds and health start to change before you go into the deeper part of the cleanse. This will make you more successful on this cleanse by following this designed outline.

If you know you have a lot of cleansing/detoxing to go through and if you are coming from eating the Standard American Diet then I would recommend during the 10 day portion at the very end (days 30-40). Again this will just help make the cleanse a smoother experience for you.

As with anything make sure that you are listening to your body and you make wise decisions from there. If you feel you are going too fast then SLOW DOWN, scale back and work on taking baby steps.

40 Day Nutrition Cleanse Schedule

40 Day Weight Loss Schedule

40 Day Parasite Schedule

30 Day Transformation

During this time you are going to start your day off right with the aminos, biomedic + your superfood shake.

My favorite drinks are the Power shake Original + the LOV Original. I do my drinks with water and like to either of the shakes or I do a scoop of the Power shake and a scoop of the LOV. I find that this is a great combo, especially if the Power shake is too bitter at first for your taste buds. You may also mix the shakes with any alternative dairy- almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk but I advise to try and do the shake with water as much as you can. This will add in extra hydration.

Another option that I love is adding in frozen wild blueberries, frozen peas, mango or pineapple. This helps make the drinks cold, thick + refreshing.

10 Day Transformation

The 10 portion of this cleanse is designed to really help heal the gut and start transforming your body + mind. This is where we take the shake and supplements 3 times a day instead of just in the morning and focus on eating super simple foods, or what Purium calls "flex foods"

A flex foods practically any fruit or veggie. *besides bannans and winter squashes. You are free to eat flex foods throughout the day and are in fact advized to do so. Flex foods will help you move through the cleanse and be happier at the same time.

A perfect flex food would look like: mashed avocado with cut up cucumber, a bowl of steamed broccoli and spinach, a bowl of blueberries or mango. Simple + hydrating.

You will find that foods start tasting way different- apples are crispier, blueberries are sweeter and broccoli is satiating on it's own with no salt or oil. Your body will begin to recognize that it can survive off of just whole simple foods and that it doesn't need these elaborate meals that we make to feel satisfied.

If at any part of the 10 days you are feeling extra weak, low of energy or shaky do not give up by reaching for that bag of chips and chocolate bar, simply add in a "lifestyle meal"-- a healthy plant based meal. Think quinoa, rice, beans, salad etc. Eating will help slow down the detox symptoms if there are any. Do not feel guilty or bad for reaching for a meal, if it makes you feel better then honor what your body needs.


During the 10 day transformation it is adviced that you day a vacation from the gym or heavy exercise. This is your time for your body to heal, exercising and raising cortizol levels will only deter your process. Rest is GOOD + a necessary part of this 10 day cleanse.

During the 30 day portion resume your normal activities. If you are new to exercise this is a great time to get started as you will start having an abundance of energy!

Eating Principles

Eat as fresh plant based food during the day. Making lunch your biggest meal and dinner your smallest for optimal digestion.

Slow down when you eat. Good digestion starts in the mouth with chewing your food properly. Take your time with food, don't be rushed. If needed set a timer for 20 minutes and give yourself that time to be present with your food. Savor each bight, enjoy the nourishment that comes not just from the food but from relaxing, sitting down and taking a break from your day. After all if you love food so much don't you want to make it last?

Practice good food combining. Eat fruit by itself to prevent fermentation in the gut and keep the food combinations simple. Instead of eating a bowl of sweet potatoes, gorbonzo beans, rice, broccoli and a tahini sauce try focusing on just rice and veggies so that it digests well in your body. The key to good digestion is keeping it simple!! This will quiken the amount of time that you spend in the kitchen!

Eat in the parasympathetic nervous state aka eat when you are calm. Eating when you feel stressed, anxious, nervous or angry will shut down digestion and lead to purification of food in the gut which causes a whole host of issues. Make sure that you are emotionally and physically calm before you put food in your mouth.

As my gift to you I have compiled a whole ebook of 70+ recipes for you to try! I love these recipes because they are easy, simple and packed with nutrition.

To access the ebook click this link--https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WPrvuMYeUvIjSWlaOri-3l8wMQnELkvSJXLp_Pzxe58/edit?usp=sharing

Night Ritual

Make a nightly ritual to turn off all electronics before bed, wind down and drink your Apothecherry 30 minutes before you go to bed.

I love putting 2 TBS in a mug and mixing it with warm water for a nice bed time tea! Others find it nice to put it in a wine glass with room temp water as well. Do what works best for you :)

Prioritize sleep during these next 40 days. Sleep is more important than diet and exercise combined, so getting enough zzz's is a must!!! Have a hard time sleeping? The apothecherry will help you go into a deep sleep as it contains natural occurring melatonin in it-- your happy sleep hormone.


This cleanse is not another diet, its not another "do for 2 months and then revert back to the same behavior" type of thing, this is a lifestyle shift, a new way of living.

Having a mindset shift that involves shifting your identity to someone who is healthy and strong is key. If you go through as you keep your old identity of "I'm fat, lazy and can't stick to anything" then you will ened up in the same place as you started. If you shift your mindset to start idenitfying with "I'm healthy, strong, vibrant and energetic" you will start embracing this identity.

So in everything you do ask yourself, " what would my healthy self do?" and listen to that answer. Start telling yourself that that is who you are and watch as your habits change.


Life is better when we bond together with others. Joining the FB group will help keep you motivated, build community and keep up on the latest information and breakthroughs of others.

Share your comments, successes and questions with this community as we all get healthy together! Be active in the group, not only for yourself but for others! Share recipes, support + love to all of us in the group!

This group is private to those in this 40 day program. To enter this group please send a join request to the group 40 Day Body Reset. I will accept you as soon as I see your request.

Continue on This Path

After the cleanse is done don't end everything there. Continue to eat healthy plant-based meals and using the superfood products from Purium. They have an abundance of products that offer a plethora of different benefits.

I personally always do a green juice in the morning with my superfood powders along with the aloe digest, can't beet this, chlorella tablets and various other products that help keep my body strong each and every day. I also have chosen to take biomedic each and every day way past the 40 days. Glyphosate is a huge issue and it is everywhere so I choose to continually take this supplement to continually pull toxins out of my body. It also helps heal the gut lining and keep the villi healthy and strong preventing leaky gut.

Remember if you go back to your old ways, you will become that same person. So continue on, invest in your health!

As a loyal customer to Purium you will continually receive discounts off of their products. take advantage of this!!

This program can radically TRANSFORM your life if you allow it. Keep a positive attitude, reduce your stress as much as possible and prioritize self-care, cause you my friend are worth it!

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