Good Life Performance David keller

Spacial Experience

The physical experience of going to a play always puts me into a good mood. I'm not an avid theater goer by any means but have been to a number of performances and seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. We had great seats almost in the middle of the entire theater and the size of Constans Theatre provides a very personal feel to the performance. The way the lights go off at a performance and only the stage is lit up I feel almost as though the show is just for me, a feeling that no other median can provide. This personal connection through the theater itself can provide a way for you to find your own space in your own good life.

Social Experience

I attended with my good friend Josh who had never been to a play before, adding intrigue for me to see how he reacted to his first play. Hearing his comments about how the performance feels more personal and how the way the characters act and the stage is set up and broken down and the uniqueness of the environment was very interesting. Hearing all of his thoughts on his first time experience gave me a new look at my own attendance of the performance. In the way that Josh added a new perspective for me by going to the play with him, I believe many facets of life can benefit from being with people that come from different backgrounds and experiences and combing our thoughts to add to and form our different idea for the good life.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The Divine tackled a number of major conflicts including workers rights, religion vs theatre, and monetary classes in society. Going into the play I had a basic understanding of these topics through history classes and readings about the time period. Going to the play however brings a whole new understanding as it provides a window into life during these conflicting times. One particularly interesting was how to the church was corrupt in trying to cover their own errors to protect the image of the church. Comparing these issues to modern day life there are still problems in terms of helping poverty and trying to keep people in power not corrupt looking for only their self interest.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine offers many opportunities for katharsis as it shows many dark sides of humans during the time period. Working kids to death, working factory workers in bad conditions, hiding lies to save an organizations image. We can take these situations and reflect back on ourselves to make sure we take time to take a break, particularly in this busy University of Florida lifestyle, and to make sure we own up to our mistakes.

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