Show, interact, create By: Liz Stevinson

Lesson Objectives: SWBAT, label, recall, recognize different stages of earth's surface

"Show" Activity: Watch the Structure of the Earth video

Lesson Objective: (Interact) Students will sketch, produce, illustrate the layers of the earth.

"Interact Activity":

Posters will be made around the room for upper and lower mantle, the crust, inner and outer core.

Students will take turns diagramming the layers of the earth, as groups.

The will choose what layer of the earth they want to be: mantle, inner or outer core, or the mantle.

They will get out of their seats and move around the room simulating how each layer impacts the earth, and what happens in each state.

The rest of the class will help tell them what the earth does in each level.

Once each student has a turn being a part of the earth, students will draw and label their own layer of the earth diagram.


Lesson Objective: SWBAT describe, explain, summarize the layers of the earth.

students can create a model of the layers of the earth with different colors of play-dough


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