Number the Stars Book Diary By Jarrett


I think that war is.......I think war is gun smoke the smell of gun powder. The ground is shaking from all the explosions seeing the wounded and the dead solders laying on the battle field.

in world war ll ....... I think the people that lived there were scared. they were trying to escape because they thought they were going to die. They felt like they were going to lose everything.


I think neighbors are people that live around you that you have a good time with.You play get together with theme and have a good time.

I would respond by trying to solve the problem. And fighting back.I would try to run and hide and try to stay low.

Number the Stars

I think the book will be about a world war ll. And the struggle of the war and how they over come fears.And how people overcome things in the war.

Literary Analysis

Mama says, "Be one of the many". I think this means don't let them familiarize your face.I chose this because their is a war happening and she does't want them to think her daughters did something wrong she might think the guards will think there up to something.

If the Johansens was a bodyguard for the Jews. I think they are body guards for the Jews because they are getting things token away from them .The Nazi does not like the Jews.And they are trying to help theme if things get token away from theme they would put there life for them.

I think it would look like them defending theme if something happened to them. If somebody tried to

Annemarie felt like she was a regular girl and was glad because she could never be called upon of because she was't a Jew.

There feelings where alike because Annemarie broke the chain off and was scarred at that moment.

Annmarie ,and Ellen felt alike because they both had of been Jews. And they both could of been called on and would got token away from them because they could of both of been Jew.


I think there dad is going to be in the cascert. I think he was shoot by a German solder. Because they might of shoot him because they think that he is a Jew.


Man vs. Man "Peter Neilsen was dead. It was a painful fact to recall on this day there was so much joy in Denmark. But Annemarie forced herself to think of her redheaded almost brother.The Nazi had killed him in a prison camp he wrote a letter the night before he was shot.

II think this is Man vs man because they were fight and peter got shot by the Nazi.

Man vs. Nature

After a second she saw a shape there: something unfamiliar, something that had not been there the day before. Annemarie squinted, forcing her eyes to understand, needing to understand. The shape moved . It was her mother laying on the cold earth.

This is man vs nature because she tripped on a root from a old tree ,and fell on the ground in pain.

Man vs. Himself

Mr.Rosen tripped on the step it must of fallen out of his pocket. We'll have to save it and give it back to peter."Annemarie handed it to her mother. Do you know what it is?

This is man vs self because he was going to give that to papa Henrick and try to not look in the box but he drooped it.

Man vs. Society

I will lead the first group you you ,and you he said to the old people and the women that had the baby. "Inge,"he said. Annemarie realized that she might not see Peter ever again.

I think this is Man vs society because he had to lead a bunch of people down a small dark trail without getting caught.


Never give up always know there is something better in the world for you.

The Johansens are trying to get away from the war ,so they don't get token away and killed in a camp. this theme means that the Jews are trying to run away from the war to get away ,and always know their is always a better outcome to bad things.

The book shows this theme by the all the Jews around them are getting treated bad because the Nazi's are trying to capture them and kill them.

Vocabulary Words

lanky"She was a stocky ten-year old that was unlike, unlike lanky Annermarie.(pg.1)

stocky"She was a stocky ten-year old.(pg.1)

wailed"Wait for me"wailed little KIrsti,left behind , but the two older girls weren't listening."

"contempt"For three years Annemarie thought with contempt.



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