For over fifteen years I have played a key role in the direction and development of some of the biggest franchises and projects in AAA games together with some of the most dynamic and talented teams and studios in the Industry. I am continually excited, motivated, and humbled by the opportunity that I've been given to reach an audience, and I embrace the challenge to push the art and craft of game development to new limits.


Narrative Director

At Ubisoft, I defined and directed the execution of core creative, narrative, and gameplay experiences. I lead large teams to build brands and IP, establish and expand worlds, and build new AAA experiences.


Avatar Project (Not Yet Released)

2K Games

Narrative Director

In my role at 2K, I was a core creative force for all aspects of the creative, narrative, and storytelling process. At 2K, I worked as a director from both the first party developer and publisher third party editorial perspectives, shipping one AAA project in each capacity.


Big Huge Games

Lead Narrative Designer

At BHG, I lead the narrative team to design, write, and execute the stories, narrative systems, and content for an open world RPG. Together, we launched an ambitious new fantasy world.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Bethesda Game Studios

Game Designer

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