Tattoos on the Heart Zoe moffitt

Chapter Two: Dis-Grace

In this chapter, Father Greg tells a story of a woman who walks into his office right before he has to go for a baptism. He is in a hurry, but the woman continues with her story. Father hears the rest of her story and realizes that he was at fault as much as her. "Suddenly, her shame meets mine. For when Carmen walked through that door, I had mistaken her for an interruption," (Boyle 93). In this chapter I learned that you should always value lives equally and respect everyone and what they have to say. Many times people just need time to talk out their problems.

Chapter Six: Jurisdiction

One of my favorite stories from this chapter was when Father G took two gang members on a vacation. He took them to a restaurant where you are sat down and waiters and waitresses come and take your order. The two homies had never been to a place like that, where they are treated with such respect, and it helped them realize that their lives matter just as much as anybody else's. "'Yeah, she treated us like we were somebody.' We have a chance, sometimes, to create a new jurisdiction, a place of astonishing mutuality, whenever we close both eyes of judgment and open the other eye to pay attention," (Boyle 266). All it takes is a few simple, kind words and openness to understand others.

Chapter Eight: Success

A story that stood out to me in this chapter was about Shady's dream. She asks him to interpret a dream in which she finds herself standing next a coffin with a small child in it, and when she looks in, a dove flies out and lands on her shoulder. Father tells her that the dream means that she should work toward peace, and everything will be ok. ". . . At first I was scared, like . . . maybe that’s my daughter in the casket. But when I saw the bird, I only felt peace and love in my heart,'" (Boyle 337). Sometimes we need to sit back and realize what God is trying to say. If we pray daily, we can establish a steady communication with him to help us learn and grow.

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