A Game Day for Laundon Goldsby Created by: Mahalia taylor

After school senior Laundon Goldsby goes to her moms to get ready, She gets her uniform and the rest of her cheer items then rushes to get to the school before 5 p.m.
Senior Laundon Goldsby preps before the practice, she starts by doing her hair in the bathroom and then she puts her bow in and collects her stuff to go meet with her coach and decide line up.
Senior Laundon Goldsby and Coach Brooke Gorres disscus what the plan is for the JV game.
Senior Laundon Goldsby does her makeup during the JV game. It is like free time for Goldsby to just finish up a few things before she cheers varsity.
Sophomore Lindsay Morasch helping out Goldsby with her makeup.
Senior Laundon Goldsby cheers for the Varsity Girls.
Goldsby makes more plans for the last two quarters during half time. Goldsby also talks to her friends in the cheer block, they plan what to do as a group for fun timeout chants.
The last half of the game, is when Goldsby starts to run out of chants. When the buzzer goes off and the game is over Goldsby takes her team out into the middle of the court to do the school song for their teams victory.
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Mahalia Taylor

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