Foam Cakes BY: Aaliyah Craven

What are Foam cakes?

The foam cake uses a type of process when air is beaten into egg whites without using the yolk of the egg, beating the egg whites is used as the leavening process some recipes may call for cream of tartar as a leavening agent. Cream of Tarter speeds up the whipping process of the egg whites and helps stabilize the structure of the air bubbles that you’re creating which would make the type of process a chemical process you do not have to use the cream of tarter which then would make the process a mechanical process. Foam cakes excludes the yolks and any fats when baking making the cake very light and fluffy to eat.
An example of a foam cake is Meringue
Angel food cake is also another excellent example

The mixing method

To mix foam cakes you use the Mixing foam cakes method

All foam cake recipes have basics steps but depending on the recipe you are using it may call for different items/steps

You will have to sift and measure the flour
Next add the salt and cream of tartar and continue beating the eggs
While mixing gradually add the sugar to the eggs and beat till it creates stiff peaks
Use a rubber scraper to fold the flour into the egg white mixture (be sure not to over mix)


Hazelnut and chocolate meringue cake

Meringue is in the Foam Cake category because the cake is basically a beaten mixture of egg whites and sugar (may call for cream of tartar). There are two kinds of meringue; soft and hard. Soft meringue is made with only a small amount of sugar while hard meringue has a larger portion and is beaten until a still peak is formed
This video shows the process to making meringue cookies (similar to foam cakes), it also states not what to do like not adding grease to the pans and not to add fats into the mixture because if you do it would ruin the cake/cookies.
Created By
Aaliyah Craven


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