A stroll at the mall By:anDrea escobar

Shopping with the girls for last minute prom accessories or outfits. We decided to look around the mall in hopes to find a cute outfit for after prom. Will be dind anything today? Enjoy these photos to find out.

This mango cup was delicious. On our search for outfits we ran into a little store of mangos. We stopped and regained our energies and then continued our search.
My friend finally found the perfect shoes for after prom. She fell in love and found a part of her outfit. She was incredibly happy and relieved she found them. It was the highlight of our mall day the purchase of this item.
After my friend brought her shoes she ran into a high school friend of ours. We all caught up with each other and then shortly left. We talked about prom and all the little last minute things we had to do.
This photo is my favorite because it shows pure bliss and happiness. I had told a joke and caputured my friend laughing uncontrollably. It was a moment of happiness.
The picture is the end of our journey and shows how we left the mall. We had roamed through every part of that mall in search for items. We left with shoes and that is all. It was an overall great time spent.

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