Emergency First Aid By: Taylor lanxon

Thesis: people who are interested in extreme sports normally think they are always safe when participating, first aid is necessary when dealing with major injuries in the wild.
  • First Aid can be a huge difference between life or death in emergency situations.
"Into Thin Air", a nonfiction book by Jon Krakauer is about a disaster the author experienced on Mount Everest in 1996. The author tells how eight climbers were killed and others stranded by a large storm while on top of the mountain.
The theme of “Into Thin Air” is leadership is a good quality to have when in stressful situation. My chosen topic is First Aid so persevering and taking a stand when times are tough shows leadership skills and can help someone's situation.
Throughout the book, First Aid saved the lives of many climbers in emergency situations while on top of the mountain. For example, halfway through the story a man had frostbite from exposure to the negative temperatures on Everest and through first aid, the injury’s severity was lessened.
Survivor: Eye Of The Tiger


Rising up, straight to the top.

Went the distance, now i'm not gonna stop

Just a man and his will to survive.

Analysis: The song shows the listener how someone can fall and get hurt or damaged, but perseverance will allow them to get back up and fight through their struggles in order to reach their goals. Basically, the song's main idea is to always get back up after overcoming major obstacles in life.

1)overcoming obstacles can strengthen your will when in tough situations

2)what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

3)After healing from a fight, get up and work hard again

4)facing your enemies (nature) can allow you to learn new things and prepare for something if/when it happens again

5)Getting back on your feet shows you have strength and aren't afraid like you once were

Why you should take a First Aid Course (other then having the ability to save lives)

There are numerous reasons why people don’t take First Aid training programs;

They are too busy

They don’t know where to go

They think that they already have enough knowledge, or

They think that accidents happen to other people not to them or their friends, family and colleagues.

“(First Aid knowledge is essential because it) does more than help save lives- enables you to increase patient comfort- It gives you tools to prevent the situation from becoming worse- It creates the confidence to care- It encourages healthy and safe living.”

Analysis: The words “confidence”, “safe”, and “healthy” show the obvious benefits to knowing basic first aid when you are in stressful situations. The article informs the reader on the benefits of taking classes that teach you what to do when someone is hurt. This shows how important it is to have knowledge on the topic and convinces people to have a better understanding of the dangers in the great outdoors.

The article talks about the benefits of taking a first aid class when dealing with hurt people and stressful situations just in case you would ever find yourself in one.

1)First Aid helps to save lives and reduces recovery time from injury.

2)Even if injury isn’t fatal, the person is more comfortable when treated as soon as possible/well.

3)With proper training, injury can only become better.

4)Gives you confidence in stressful situations.

5)Shows you the order of priorities when dealing with someone who is hurt.

Emergency First Aid Saves A Life in real situations -Swim coach saves baby's life after CPR after girl (Bella Taylor) stopped breathing. ”With the training I’ve done, I had the confidence to know that what I was doing was the right thing. You never know when it might happen.”

-Swim coach saves baby's life after CPR after girl (Bella Taylor) stopped breathing

-”With the training I’ve done, I had the confidence to know that what I was doing was the right thing. You never know when it might happen.”

This is a real-life example of how first aid can save lives in emergency situations.

First aid training is indispensable for the crag, back country, and in the alpine.

What to do in an emergency situation:

Assess the situation.-Look for hazards for yourself or others

Call for help.-Or send someone to find help

Care for the injured person.-Never do this if you are not comfortable with what you have to do. The amount of help a person should give is heavily based on their training level.

Always defer to people with more medical training then yourself.- Assist when you can help and back out when you can't.

How does learning information from multiple perspectives and genres influence your understanding of the topic?

Learning information through multiple perspectives and genres influenced my understanding of a topic as it shows how being in a specific situation with different ways of thinking, different backgrounds/history and different views can change the way a person acts when deciding what to do. Because people are so different, the way they would deal with information influences someones understanding of a topic.


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