My water cycle Journey

One beautiful summer day me and my family were in an animal named Steve, he was really nice i could just tell. But one day Steve was talking to one of his friends named Hailey, they were laughing, an talking about how Steve fell in a lake and how Hailey tripped over a log, so as they both laughed, but all of a sudden Hailey saw a hunter right behind Steve, so she yelled and they both ran as fast as they could and me and my family were so scared i didn't have a clue what was going on.

They slowed down and stopped, but I didn't realize that Steve was sweating and my Family fell into the water then started to float into the clouds i was so scared,my family was Evaporating!

I started to panic, but once i hit the clouds i felt safe because i was with my mom, also the clouds were so fluffy, looked like Cotten candy. Now i am going through the water cycle with my family, the clouds were so beautifull me and my family were walking and I bumped into this guy and he said " hey watch where your going" i didn't mind so i just said nicely. "hey I didn't mean to bump into you sorry."

So i just started to walk ahead of him, but all of a sudden we all saw the clouds getting really dark and we all just fell through the clouds it was raining this is called precipitation! But for some reason I didn't freak out i was so amazed of how beautiful the sky looked and all the birds in there nest all warm and safe.

So we went into the river "plop" and went straight down into the ground water and then into the lake, the lake was so beautiful I couldn't talk but i did freak out a little when we were going through the groundwater because i fell asleep. So my sister started laughing at me so i yelled " STOP IT" my mom just noticed that i yelled and she said "sarah don't yell at your sister like that" so i said "She's laughing at me!" My sister said " no i am not!" "Mom!" We both yelled so my dad had enough " Sarah rosey nock it off!." After that me my mom my dad and my sister were all mad so i said nicely " Lets all just calm down." And we all said "ya" and right after we all calmed down we just started evaporating again but I didn't freak out this time but my sister started freaking out but I didn't laugh about that i had just realized we went back into the river and back in the ground water and stayed there for a little bit but then i woke up a week later!!

Then of course we had to walk the long way and it took about 3 days to get out and we almost hit the water but then steve came and drank my family up. Finally it was steve again and i was so happy to see him but i wish he could hear me and see me but we went down into his stomach, so as me and my mom settled down in steve, and again was running away from something i didn't know what was Chasing himthis time, but we went right out into the soil surface, Then we started evaporating and on to the clouds and then it snowed but didn't freeze anything I was surprised then we went "plop plop plop" into the river and out into the lake. Finally time has passed so long, and that was my journey in the water cycle. The end.

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