Plastic bags By:Aiko

First it come from the factory, then the factory that make plastic bags will sent to the market example: Tesco lotus, seven eleven, and many more markets. After that you buy things and you will get the plastic bags home. Lastly we have a lots of plastic at home, and when we stop using them for carrying something, we usually throw it away...this is where the problem starts!

Plastic bags from factory

Why are trash and plastic bags are bad for the environment?

Plastic bags are bad for the environment because it doesn’t break down in the 0cean, rivers and lakes. You have to wait for 1000 years because they are non-biodegradable (this means they cannot break down and disappear). It is dangerous for the animals life too, because if we throw the plastic bags in the rivers, oceans or lakes that have animals. The animals think that the plastic bags are food so the animals can eat it, or the animals can stuck in the plastic bags and they can die. Plastic bags carry toxic chemicals because it has chemicals that the plastic bags can stay together and can carry heavy things. But human always use the plastic bags and can’t stop, if you want to know the solution please read what can we do about it?

What can we do about it?

If you want to be in the better environment and see the clear water in lakes, rivers and oceans, then you should use cloth bags. You use the plastic bags and when you don’t need it you will just throw it in the river, lake or oceans.

If you want the water to be clear again you can pay money and let the people get the trash out of the lakes, rivers and oceans. You can teach people that the plastic bags are bad for the environment. You can said you can use cloth bags. It is better but you can forget your cloth bags. So there should be somewhere that let you use the cloth bags and take it home, but you have to return it back. Example: In macro they let us the trolley and when we pay we don’t have plastic bags to use. They just let us take the things in your cars and take it home.

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