Social Categories By lindsey montpelier

For this project I chose to talk about hicks

Hicks can be described in many ways so heres what some TA students think of when they think hick...

"Big, jacked up trucks"
"A big thing is how they talk, it's different..."
"I feel like they're fake"
"Girl hicks are considered horseback riders"
"They stay within their circles"

So what exactly does being a hick mean?

Well here at TA we tend to think they wear:

  • A lot of plaid or camo
  • Work boots
  • Hats

We also expect them to do things such as:

  • Go hunting or fishing all the time
  • Race (and practically run over people) in their huge trucks
  • Only hang out with other hicks
  • Know how to fix vehicles
  • Not really care about school or where exactly they stand with others or on the social ladder

We also expect them to act:

  • Like they don't really care about others
  • Very honest and blunt, which tends to be bad because they can be rude
  • Loud, obnoxious
  • Not being very accepting of others outside of the hicks

So do most people want to be considered a hick...?

Personally I wouldn't say being considered a hick is a bad thing but it can be tough since they aren't as accepting as other groups can be. I would also say they're a very neutral group, they're not undesire or desirable; they're just in the middle of the social spectrum. But there's also GROUPS WITHIN THIS GROUP so depending on which side you pick that could also determine how liked you are.

What's my label?

Here's where I think I fall when it comes to categories...

The shy kid

I say this because as long as I've gone to school with majority of the same people, I also don't really talk to many of them because my shyness tends to get in the way.

How does this label impact me?

  • I tend to stay within my own circle because where I am shy, not a lot of people reach out to me because of how quiet I tend to be
  • I'm quiet in class because of how shy I am, the more popular kids like the spot light so I let them have it
  • I focus more on the academic aspect of school than I do the extracurricular activities

But this label doesn't determine who I am to myself and my true friends

At the end of the day, yes I am very shy and quiet, but once you get to know me you'll realize there's a lot more to me than my shyness


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