Black tailed deer population Audrey Crawford and Stanley kenyi

  • Black tailed deer are primarily located in Columbia, Oregon, and California etc. The deer mostly migrate to forests that have a lot of precipitation and cool temperatures.
  • As the number of deer increase for the five month time period, the resources of food and thrive for the deer slightly increase and starts to slightly decrease the population of the deer starting at the six-seven month period.
  • Black tailed deer normally stay in rainy, cool forests during the spring and summer times and then emigrate to mountainous locations, and immigrate to lower and warmer elevations for the winter. Resources start to decrease as well as the population because of the lack of resources the deer need to provide.
  • A Density dependent limiting factor includes the disease of Chronic Wasting Disease, involving any harm or sickness to members of the deer family. Another disease would be Deer Hair Loss Syndrome, Which can cause: discoloration of hair, Hair loss, and Weight loss. These syndromes affect the population by decreasing the amount of deer because of their sickness from the disease.
  • A density Independent limiting factors can be from floods from precipitation in the forest that can cause their food to go to waste, and the hot summers in the forest. This can cause a decrease to the deer population because the deer are not able to get the nutrients or resources they need as the weather starts to get warmer and the food starts to decrease, then the deer population starts to decrease.
  • The hunting of dear from humans have made a dramatic decrease to the deer population. Humans hunt deer located in the forests mostly in Columbia making the resources and the population to go down fast.
  • The births of deer increase by the habitat giving off resources than that increases the amount of deer which brings more to the deer population.


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