Harn Museum of Art By carter quam

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

In the art museum I was attracted by the Aluminum foil sculpture which depicted a sense of not belonging. To fully appreciate the art you had to witness it in person. As I saw its multiple foiled layers I began to understand how it was created and for what purpose. The multiple layers of foil represented the multiple layers of ourself. For many people it is hard to peel away our layers and become our true selfs. The artwork made me feel accepted and connected to other outsiders who felt the same way.

Untitled Aluminum Foil. Photograph by Carter Quam. January 23rd 2018.

Design of the Museum

The exhibit that I enjoyed the most was the outside sculptures, foliage and artwork. It had a beautiful waterfall that transcended into the the rest of the shrubbery. As a whole it made me relaxed and complacent. It had outstanding sculptures but the waterfall and decorations made me feel at peace and at home and I believe I could stay there and think for hours. The exhibit made me feel at home and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the museum.

Me in the outside exhibit. Photograph by Carter Quam. January 23rd 2018.

Art and Core Values

As I was walking through the art museum I stumbled upon a piece of art that I felt very connected to. The core value that I saw was the bed. I love sleep and normally sleep through the entire day. This is not a joke or a rouse. Every human goes to bed and wakes up with different ideas. However, I think that most students share the same beliefs but wake up with different ideas. Every student goes to sleep in a bed but I believe that they wake up somewhere else. This painting showed how everyone visions where they are going to sleep but they end up growing up in a place or situation that they did not expect.

Cama Alta Martha Kohen. Photograph by Carter Quam. January 23rd 2018

Art and the Good Life

In the Harn museum the St. Jean's Bay painting conveyed how relaxation can lead to the good life. To reach the good life one must let go of all external worries and focus on whats truly important. In the painting the people are letting go of their concerns and relaxing by the sea. The characters are relaxing by the sea side and they look like they are truly enjoying life. In past lectures we learned that one must not be too stressed to reach happiness.

St Jeans Bay. Lean Kroll. Photograph by Carter Quam. January 23rd 2018.

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