Railroad Crossings What are the advantages?

The Lynchburg City Council’s job is to keep citizens happy and manage the city in a way that promotes growth and tax revenue. This proposal for adding more railroad crossing encourages all of these objectives.

There are downsides to having tracks going through city lands. The tracks take up land that could been used for businesses and they cut a city in half. By adding railroad crossings, you lessen the effects of the tracks in discouraging travel around the city.

Liberty University's 15,000 students would be frequent travelers using these new railroad crossings. Having an easy and safe way to get across the tracks helps the town increase commerce and movement around the city.

Since the students will finally have a safe and easy way to get to local businesses, commerce will increase in the areas surrounding the railroad tracks. The increased commerce creates a productive and happy community.

How could the new tax revenue be spent to benefit the city?

Improving city roads, buildings and infrastructure encourage new businesses to consider Lynchburg as a viable location. The new tax revenue will improve the city and jump-start the Lynchburg economy.

The new profit increase of businesses will catch the eye of bigger corporations. They will consider opening offices and stores in the Lynchburg area to take advantage of the affordable and productive atmosphere.

Increased business profits equal increase city tax revenue. The new revenue created by the stream of college students using the railroad tracks to engage in commerce with the city, is key to the future success of Lynchburg.


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