IWM Duxford - Take Control of your Camera improve your photography before the holidays by making duxford your first destination - Get No more camera shake on Aperture priority - Get ready for the holiday season with a very special training day on manual exposure - extend the range of your cameras ISO, Shutter and aperture settings - push the envelope of your cameras settings

Tony Bramley FRPS - tony@lightacademy.co.uk - 07870 441540

I hate aperture priority - it is the most disappointing setting on the camera and the result of so many ruined travel photographs that I see on my training one-to-ones - So many photography trainers are lazy by teaching aperture priority - Good photography comes through knowledge and understanding - not auto!

We will be using light meters - we will be using the full range of your lens apertures - we will be using a wide range of handheld shutter speeds - we will be using extended ISO - we will also use your speed-light 'on manual' 'off camera' to show how simple it is!

Why IWM Duxford? - It offers a huge array of options to take your camera settings to the limits - It has great natural lighting - it is 90% under cover - It is not far away - 100's of detail shots - A great day out!

Small group of 6 only - Full day £65 - excludes museum entry fee (currently £16.35 Jan17)

Packed lunch or purchase in Cafe - For people who cannot travel to Duxford I am prepared to transport up to three from Colchester/Braintree

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Tony Bramley


Created with images by Bluesnap - "aircraft jet fuselage"

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