Women's Rights By: megan Frassel

Throughout history, women have been discriminated, looked down upon and have had laws that don't accept them, like voting. Many times, women were used as propaganda to make men go into the war etc. Also women were not aloud to go to school or get jobs, instead were suppose to take care of the family, husband, cook and clean etc. But as history continued, women started to get more rights like to vote and could go to school and get good jobs. Now in 2016 a woman was a candidate to be the president of the United States.

The March on Washington was on August 28th, 1963 and was a march in Washington D.C for African American civil rights and religious groups. The goal of the March on Washington was to help political and social challenges. Some important people like Martin Luther King Jr. attended and spoke at this march. This march is where MLK jr. spoke his "I Have a Dream" speech that inspired many. Some obsitcals many African American people were faced with were that many police officers and there dogs would attack and threaten many black and even white Americans who attended this march. The legacy that this march leaves behind is that this is the turning point for African American Civil Rights, and many remember the amazing speech MLK jr. leaves behind, along with learning the struggles many African Americans had to face.

The Women's March on Washington was on January 21, 2017 and was a march for women's rights and morals because of the current president we have. Many attended and created signs that expressed there feelings on women's rights. This reflects the March on Washington in 1963 because it was a march that was a form of protest that was created for change. The internet helped with spreading the word on the march and many women celebrities were involved, persuading the followers that women's rights are just as important as men's. Overall, the women's march happened all around America and inspired many.

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