Carnegie and Trump. The Robber Barons of Yesterday and today

Reasons why Carnegie was a robber baron.

Reason 1:

There are many reasons why Carnegie would be a robber barn, but this article is only focusing on three. A reason why Andrew Carnegie was a robber baron was because of the way he treated his workers. They all worked in bad conditions which lead to death for some workers.

One of Carnegie's workers trying to burn steel with no protection.

Reason 2:

Carnegie was a good business man. He made a lot of money, but he didn't pay his workers the amount he should have. He paid his workers around 40 cents to a dollar under what iron and steel workers should have been paid. The amount that the workers earned kept decreasing.

A chart representing the workers pay falling.

Reason 3:

Carnegie was very two-faced. Carnegie would give his workers a notice, saying that the pay will go down, while on the other hand he was giving thousands of dollars and buildings to company's as "charity" work.

A picture showing Carnegie being two-faced

Reasons why Trump is a robber baron.

Reason 1:

Donald Trump is a robber baron for many reason. A good reason for him as a robber baron is that he appointed his son to work in the white house today. Most people think he showing favoritism by appointing his son and friends.

Trump and his son, Eric Trump

Reason 2:

Many people believe that Donald Trump only ran for president to promote his business. One of his president plans is to build a wall. He said that building this wall is to keep small businesses out to protect his. He is thinking of him and not the people

Ideal image of Trumps wall

Reason 3:

Donald Trump only cares about his business and making it bigger, just like Carnegie. He believed that becoming president would make his business bigger with a wider spread.


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