The Struggle of Starting journey Log 6

This week was tough. After doing so much research, it was finally time to start writing. The hardest part about starting an essay, is starting.


Before I began writing I did create an outline. It was pretty bare, but a skeleton of my essay was all I needed. My essay is bound to change even if I made a super specific outline.


Once the outline was complete i had to start writing. It was difficult. I saw in my outline where I needed to start, but physically I felt like I couldn’t write. Perhaps it was my surrounding, my mood, or even the time of day that stopped me.


In hindsight, I knew it was my fear of writing something irrelevant then being critiqued in class since I waited til the last minute. No matter the reason I had to take responsibility.


Responsibility is a habit of mind that is defined as the ability to take ownership of one’s actions and understand the consequences of those actions for oneself and others.


In that moment I needed to write. It was my responsibility to write this essay, not only for a grade, but also for the people who would critique.


No matter what I wrote, I had to realize that any criticism would be better than no criticism.


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Camille Belton


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