Athena's Comfortable Cafe Study cafe

This is the area were either Athena or Zeus will come am help you out and or waitress you.
We sell coffee in these fine cups to represent her sacred animal owls.
If you love green olives then we have all you can eat olives to represent the olive tree her sacred plant.
This cafe will help people study more and the coffee is DELICIOUS! We have food that is way better than any coffee you ever tasted.Everyone is welcome and you will get help with what you need help on. You will have good grades and your parents will be so excited for you.Now lets learn about me Athena.
Hi I am Athena and I am the head of this cafe I have no mother my father is Zeus and I grew full armour from his forehead I am the goddess of wisdom and Persephone,Dioscuri twins, Helen, Dike, Minos, Aphrodite, Artemis, Heracles, are all of my siblings plus many more.
Hi I am Zeus and I work for my daughter Athena. Welcome to Athena's Comfortable Cafe you will be able to relax and study without being bothered I am also the manger.
My cafe is located in Athens I am also the patron goddess of Athens but I am the goddess of wisdom.

I have no biological children and I have no spouse my symbols are Owls, Olive trees, Snakes, Armor, Helmets, and Spears.I am the Greek goddess of reason,intelligent activity,arts and literature.

Thanks for coming to my cafe and I hope you liked everything.


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