Florida Museum of Natural History By kate daly

Nature and the Human Spirit

The natural history museum encourages its visitors to use its resources to step out of their ordinary lives. The Butterfly exhibit is so surreal that when entering, it is possible to feel majestic. Through nature, it is very easy to connect with the mystery of the universe. When I was a child my best friend's mother passed away. My mother and I always would say that when we saw butterflies, it was Linda (my best friend's mom). By thinking this, I have always felt a connection between nature and the human spirit. Entering the butterfly museum reminded me of this, and of the fact that Nature can be mysterious.

Daly, Katherine. "Nature and the Human Spirit/Me posing in the butterfly exhibit" 2017. PNG.

Nature And Ethics

"Leopold believes that conservation efforts are doomed to fail unless we learn to appreciate the land for more than just its economic value." Appreciating Mother Nature and the land we live on is important, as its resources are not unlimited and need to be protected. We are members of the biotic community. We should learn to be one with nature rather than acting as conquerors of the land. This display, about being sustainable in the home, stresses the ethics involved in nature. It teaches about the importance of saving energy and being conservative with paper and plastic products in the home. By doing so, we are being more environmentally friendly. In this way, this display taught me how to be more connected with nature by being kinder to it.

Daly, Katherine. "Nature And Ethicsy/Me posing with the display of sustainable energy in the home" 2017. PNG.

Nature On Display

This display of a Field Guide to North Florida drew my attention because I love the beach. This reminded me of my home and was very realistic looking. Without looking at this display, I would not have known that the salt marshes in Florida were decreasing in acreage at an alarming rate. I enjoyed the realistic nature of this exhibit and learning about the marshes in North Florida. After exhibits pique your interest, it is easy to want to learn about them.

Daly, Katherine. "Nature on Display/Me posing with the display of North Florida" 2017. PNG.

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