Who Am I Gisselle Robles

" There is no greater act of worship than giving it to God ".

This was one of the best nights of my life. Basically my life revolves around Church and anything that involves God. My grandparents are Pastors who have Church's in Puerto Rico and Mexico. My family and I are all Puerto Rican and all of the Church's we contribute with are called "Pentecostal" Church's. My aunt and uncle are my youth Pastors and they own a Ministry for all youth in San Antonio called "Youth On Fire", you can look it up online at www.youthonfiresa.org . It may seem like I am a rich little girl by all of the things I am telling you but really we have our battles just as much as everyone else, we suffer a lot more then you think with members of the Church and all but those are the sacrifices we make for our Ministry's. I live with my grandmother for now because of some issues I was having back home but that is really just another reason to help keep my eyes on God.

" Friends are the siblings God never gave us, but they are also who God sent to help guide us ".

Most people who know me know my life story, my testimony, and who my family are and where I come from or how I was raised and that's how they see me. Yes, I'm not perfect, I have sinned, nobody's perfect, obviously I have sinned because I am in here but God knows my heart. The way people see me is normally as a Church girl. I am always involved with some event (Mostly our Youth events) or dealing with something that involves Church. Throughout all of that, I would say that if you were to ask anyone who really knows me the first word they would use to describe me is "Church girl" and I am honestly okay with that, because I would rather show my faith then be denied in Heaven for hiding my beliefs.

" God is within her, she will not fail. " -Psalm 46:5

Who I pretend to be is I guess you can say exactly who I really am. I mean yes, there are times when I just want to be cool and fit in but I honestly would rather be doing something involving the will of God because without him I honestly would not be where I am. Yes, there are also times where I can't be as crazy as I want to because I do have to keep that professional look for my family and myself because of course they expect more from us because we have higher standards then most members of Church. Now if I am with my grandparents (Pastors) then I try to be as Holy as possible I am not going to lie, but other then that I maintain the same personality as possible.

" God can open doors nobody else can ".

If I really think about who I want to be, I would describe my dreams based on my aunts life. She is my Youth Pastor, she sings on our Altar at Church, and she is the leader of the dances we love to do called "Pantomimas". Her life revolves around Christ which is all I could ever want. I see myself as a tiny version of her, I look up to her and I soon want to be just like her because she gives such a good example for so many young girls out there and I hope to do the same one day. Basically if anyone were to ask me "Who I want to be", I would describe who I want to be exactly in the same image and life as my aunt.

" The enemy attacks, when you are at your closest to your blessing ".

I am going to be completley honest, if i see myself with mulitple "faces" or personalities, it would just be two personalities. Like I said, there are times where i just try to act cool and a part of the group (even if it means becoming someone i don't like), but I honestly would love to choose to be known as "That Church Girl" because not once has God let me down in my trials or battles, and if I feel like he did, in the end I will see why I passed through the battle I passed through.

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