Chicken Why it's so cluckin' good

Chicken, the worlds leanest meat, is widely regarded as the best meat. You'll often hear famous people, like Jay-Z and Al Gore, say "you can't go wrong with chicken". It is the healthiest option when it comes to meat, and it comes many many varieties. It can be roasted, deep fried, grilled, bbq'd, broiled, slow cooked, and all these ways are amazing if done well. To be honest, even if it's not done well, it's still tasty because it's chicken (unless it's undercooked, cause you know, salmonella and that).

As shown in the video below, chicken is the cornerstone of many modern societies. It's easy and accessible and cheap. Here we have what we today know as the Chicken Connoisseur, a young man who ventures the streets of London, England on the search to find the best chicken shop in the city.

Roast Chicken

Fried Chicken

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Healthy Grilled Chicken with a side of various veggies

BBQ chicken

Almost every different culture has a chicken based dish. Italians have Chicken Parmesan. Indians have Vindaloo Chicken. Jamaica have Jerk Chicken. Cameroon have Ndole (as well as Nigeria and Ghana). Mexico have Chicken Fajitas.


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