The iPhone By: Aqeel Hussain

Elements in The iPhone

Apple uses potassium to create its Ion-strengthened glass screen. To make the glass touch screen, apple uses elements: Indium, tin, and oxygen. The phone's microphone contains nickel. Lastly, there is a lot of copper, gold and silver in the components of the iPhone.
Is the iPhone Recyclable?

Yes, Apple has started to make their new phones recyclable.

First, one must bring in their old iPhone that they want to resell, and that phone will be checked for any internal problems. If the phone does not contain any sort of internal problems, the owner then gets a voucher and the phone is sent to a recycle contractor. The contractor then checks aswell for assurance measures. If the phone is fine, the contractor will then proceed to sell it. If at all there are any problems, and the owner agrees, the phone will be sent directly to a recycling plant.
Reusable and Hazardous Materials

Apple has pledged on April 20th, 2017, to make products like the iPhone purely on recycled material, and end mining for Earth's natural resources. They have come a step closer by making the iPhone 6, thinner by melting the aluminum enclosures. They have started to make 100% recycled tin to make the logic board, instead of mining for the element. Apple has taken steps further by removing the hazardous elements within an iPhone, and replace it with bio-based material.

The Length a user Keeps their iPhone

When the iPhone is damaged, buyers tend to replace the iPhone immediatley rather than later
The iPhone 6 dominates the market when up against it's better version

Societal, environmental and economic pros and cons of an iPhone

Some societal pros that come with an iPhone is you are instantly able to contact anyone that you want via phone or social media. Another societal pro, is one can get instant access to a wide variety of information and music. A societal con is that one can get addicted far too easily, especially teens. They get distracted and procrastinate instead of focusing on school work. Secondly, anybody with the iPhone can get cyberbullied and are also exposed to child predators. This can possibly even lead to kids inflicting self-harm.

There is no environmental pros of having an iPhone, but there is a number of cons of having this device. First of all, the average person only uses their phone for upto a year. This means that the miners would have to mine up elements constantly, to accommodate the countless number of phones being made. Element are not renewable therefore they end up in waste. An average of 140,000,000 phones end up in land fills every year.

An economic pro of this device is that Apple makes so much money, that when a new iPhone is released, the local economy benefits. Countless jobs are being offered for those who wish to work under Apple. An economic con is that recently, iPhone sales have rapidly gone down, resulting in many big investors losing large amounts of money.

Populay mining and producing Countries

Main 4 Elements found in The iPhone

  • Copper - Usually found in open pit mines, such as those found in Utah, New Mexico, and Chile
  • Gold - Found in every continent except Antartica. This element can be found in Canada, America, South Africa, Russia, Peru, China, Australia and Indonesia
  • Silver - Silver is heavily mined around the world, with large amounts of it mined in China, Australia, Peru, Poland, Serbia, Bolivia, Mexico and Chile.
  • Found on the Earth's crust, and it is the 22nd most common element


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