My Trip to The Devine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Hunter Shaw


As soon as I entered the lobby of the Constans Theatre, as shown above, I felt much more calm. This was my first time going to see a play, so I did not know what to expect, but this calming feeling was one of the first emotions that I noted while there for the performance. I sat in row G, rather higher up, but I felt that this was beneficial to my experience, as it gave me a much better view to see everything on stage, as well as when the performers would occasionally come into the actual seating areas. When the lights dimmed, I immediately got goosebumps because this was a new experience that I have never witnessed before; I was extremely excited. The smaller size of the theatre gave me a comfortable feeling, and seemed to make me feel closer to the actual performance. I believe that this played a role in what I see to be the good life as it showed me a new experience that I enjoy, and now I want to go to more plays.

The Social Experience

I originally planned to attend the play with one of my close friends; however, we were separated upon arriving due to having different seats. I wanted to make the most of my experience, though, and began talking to the individuals seated next to me before the play started and during intermission. We started discussing the role of theatre in society and all of the benefits that it has. Luckily, this was their first time at a play, as well, and we both discussed how excited we were to be there for a play that we heard was so well-performed. Through the theatre experience, we were able to build a friendship, and I personally think that this is one of the greatest benefits of theatre. It allows you to meet new people and discuss the experiences you are having or the social lessons that are being discussed on stage.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This play helped me develop a better understanding of our own culture simply by learning about what society was previously like. By viewing this play, it allows us to understand why our society has developed into what it is today, as we explored the socioeconomic disconnect that existed in Quebec City in 1905. This really showed me how we, as a society, have always fought this difference between classes, and how it has also improved over the years. This play really changed my views, as it shows the struggle that people must go through on a daily basis when in poverty. It makes me appreciate my own life and the opportunities provided to me, as not everyone has those same opportunities. This is an issue that I believe we must continue to work on around the world, as many people still live in poverty today.

The Emotional Experience

The Devine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us, as a society, with the ability to look in ourselves and come clean with the issues that plague us every day. In the play, we see the different issues, such as poverty, or the main conflict in the play, the rape of Talbot as a child. For poverty, it allows us to understand that we can all play a part in order to help develop our world and provide a better experience for many others. As far as the more harsh topic, it shows us that there are terrible things that happen every single day, and oftentimes, justice is never served. It teaches us that we must always look out for signs that could provide us with insight that someone is going through a rough patch in life, and that we can always be there to help others, even if we do not know what they are going through.

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