A guide to natural disasters and injuries involved. By Kaitlyn nichols

I have been obsessed with natural disasters and how to prepare for them for 3 years. I am making this presentation to help those who dont know what to do.

First we are going to talk about what to do in an event of a tornado. Glass is EXTREMELY dangerous in a tornado because not only is it sharp but it is going extremely fast. To back this up I have a fact, did you know that the winds of an EF1 tornado can make a piece of cardboard go so fast that it can pierce a brick building? Because it is true and knowing this fact could save your life. When a tornado siren goes off do not take it lightly go to your basement or storm shelter with your family and cover yourselves with anything to protect you from the debris or if you think it is fake go there anyway and wait.

If you or a person you know is hurt and/or cut by debris assess the problem. If they think something is broken do not move them unless you and the person are in danger apply pressure to cuts and keep them above the heart apply pressure for 15: 20 minutes to make sure the bleeding stopped.

Now it's time to talk about hurricanes and earthquakes. I am going to mix them for efficiency. Do not get them mixed up though, anyway if a hurricane hits near you get to higher ground whether in you house or somewhere else. A hurrican come of the coast which means there is more water involved than there is with tornadoes that come off land. Getting to higher ground means getting away from flooding which is important. If someone you know is drowning hold something out to them to grab DO NOT jump in the water the power of a drowning person is overwhelming and they coukd possibly drown you too. If they are unconscious do CPR giving them a breathe every 15 seconds until you can't anymore or they are conscious. Okay now it's earthquake time I mainly grew up in Los Angeles which is directly under the San Andreas fault line. In a case of a earthquake get underneath a door frame DO NOT get under a table. Getting under a table used to be good but as the manufacturers are making less sturdy tables search and rescue has been finding more and more people crushed under their table. You should get under a door frame, if you see pictures of demolished houses most of the door frame are still standing this is because they are one of the strongest points of a house. If someone you know is stuck under debris try to lift it but if you cant lift it alone get help, but DO NOT move them without medical personnel due to the fact that there may be internal injuries.

Thank you and I hope my presentation helped you.

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