The Rotary Club of St. Andrew Reflections: Membership Month Making a DIFFERENCE though vocational service

As Rotarian its always important to remember that Vocational service is: What we do; how we serve.

This the first in a series of publications that seeks to link the theme of the major project (Peace and Conflict Resolution) and the theme of the previous month (Membership) to vocational service through a series of reflections.

Let us reflect on:

  1. How have you used your chosen vocation to demonstrate service above self (one example in Rotary and one outside)?
  2. How do you see the theme of the month (membership) and the activities planned for the month being linked to the theme of the major project (Peace and conflict resolution) or the major project its?
  3. What are you looking forward to the most in this Rotary year?

With President Jem

As the President Elect of the Rotary Club of St. Andrew I have invested over 2,000 hours in conducting research and holding meetings with persons from both the private and public sector in relation to community projects which our Club could pursue. The data gleaned and the methodology developed has the potential for further use by the Club in developing future projects.
As an Attorney-at-Law I have had the opportunity to use those skills along with formerly acquired knowledge, skills and experience in both academia and management to demonstrate ‘Service above self’ in the following way: Conducting extensive private research into how the justice system can contribute to the alleviation of a deficiency which has significant national consequences, in terms of the Jamaica’s attractiveness to direct foreign investment, as measured by the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business Index’. The successful implementation of the recommendations made have been publicly acknowledged.
This question may be viewed from a number of angles. My main focus is firstly to be able to mobilize our members to be a part of the main activities in the Club and the major project really demands and also invites this level of participation.Secondly, I hope that through the project member will be motivated to be part of the solution to the national problem that we seek to address. Thirdly, friendship and fellowship will be enhanced, thereby strengthening the Club.
It is difficult to rank my goals and expectations for the year. However I am looking forward to our success in relation to the stated goals of the Club as well as in relation to our major and other service projects, while strengthening the camaraderie in the Club. In addition I hope that our efforts will contribute to improving Rotary’s public image both locally and internationally.

With President Paige of the Rotaract Club of St. Andrew

I have used my vocation to assist others through helping the many persons who pass through the doors of CAIHR. As an administrative member of the CAIHR team I interact with many persons from various walks of life both locally and internationally. Simple acts such as taking showcasing the rich Jamaican heritage or providing a sweet to child can make a world of a difference to those around. In Rotaract, I have also served as secretary, providing the necessary administration and documentation skills as required by Rotary Intl. I have also used my skills in the area of event planning to assist with the planning of various projects and social events
I believe that the membership will greatly determine the success of the major project. We as Rotarians and Rotaractors will greatly impact the society on a whole with this year's initiative. It calls for the participation of all members of the Rotary family, their involvement will consequentially reap an immeasurable reward. This project will not only permeate the society through the various activities and projects which will be centered around Peace and Conflict Resolution, but will be a mainstay for years to come as it will act as continuous reminder about the importance peace and role we each play in achieving that no matter our age. I believe that this project will also attract new members to the Rotary family especially young persons who will definitely keeping the Rotary wheel turning.
For this year, I am most looking forward to growth of the Rotaract Club and the continued strengthening of the relations between rotary and rotaract. I also look forward to getting my hands dirty as we lay the foundations for the Peace Garden especially through the planting of trees and the overall impact which the Rotaractors will have on the Jamaican society especially the youth through our various initiatives.
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