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Grant Agri Group is a collective group of companies that provide long-term, demand driven, agricultural commodity supply chains to create food security for nations. It is a complete horizontal and vertical integration in Agriculture.

The Group provides a range of Australian and New Zealand commodities to the ASEAN region, from generic staple food produces to boutique, gourmet products.

Grant Agri has developed collaboration with Australia’s largest poultry operator to provide a long-term supply of turkey meat to Malaysia.

“Ayam Belanda” - Turkey

Originally introduced to Malaysia by Dutch traders in the 1400’s, Malay people tranlasted the name turkey to “ayam belanda” or Dutch Chicken.

Turkey (Meleagris Gallopavo) is a large gallinaceous bird of the family Meleagridae that is native of North America, domesticated in Europe and are now important source of food in many parts of the world. The turkey bird can produce 30gm of digestible protein from 100gm feed with a dressing percentage of 80-87%, being the highest of all farm poultry species.

Turkey meat has nutritional and taste properties which make it an ideal raw material to meet the basic protein needs of communities. In deed many cultures prefer turkey meat because it is leaner than chicken. It is also rich in essential amino acids and vitamins like niacin, vitamin B6 and B12.

Ayam belanda in Malaysian Culture

With its multicultural history, Malaysian cuisine is a melting pot of cooking traditions and styles influenced by indigenous people, traders, colonizers, and migrants. Malaysia’s geographical location on the crossroads of the Asian spice trade routes has played an important role in the formation of modern Malaysian cuisine.

Contributions made by Malay, Chinese, Indian, and other ethnic groups make Malaysian food unique with a splendid array of flavors. Colorful, flavorful, and fiery Malaysian cuisine is unique and dynamic.

Malaysia has one of the highest per capita consumption rates in the world for poultry, and turkey is used as a primary ingredient in a variety of menus and recipes. Traditionally, apart from dipanggang spicy (roasted), it is prepared as rendang, spicy fried, satay, banana leaf and curry. Malaysian’s have also adopted the western festive periods of Chirstmas and Thanksgiving with whole Turkey being in high demand during this time. Hotels feature roast turkey in their menu as part of the celebration offering. High-end retail outlets offer cooked turkeys with stuffings to consumers who wish to order turkey ready-to-eat.

Supply Constraints.

Since there is no commercial production of turkey in Malaysia, all turkey meat is imported. Imports of frozen whole turkey and turkey parts have averaged around 1,826 metric tons PA. The United States has been the only significant supplier capturing more than 96% of the market. However today, there are enormous supply constraints that have resulted in national shortages. Demand currently outstripping supply substantially.

The issue has been the inability for many exporters, in the US, Australia and New Zealand to meet the Halal certification requirements of Jakim. More recently, in 2014, the sole US exporter of Turkey meat to Malaysia closed down its operations, with the void not being adequately filled by another reliable long-term supplier.

Such supply constraints creates opportunity. Grant Agri has the capacity to provide a longer-term solution.


Turkey Satay

Turkey Curry

Turkey Burgers

Spicy Turkey Legs

Carved Christmas Roast

Ready for Thanks Giving

Turkey Banana Leaf

Collaborative Supply Arrangement

Ingham’s Australia

Inghams, established in 1918, is one of Australia’s largest integrated poultry operators. With over 100 locations across Australia and New Zealand it processes some 4 million birds per week. Grant Agri has a unique, and close relationship, with Inghams, and as such has an exclusive supply arrangement in Turkey. This arrangment is not in the public domain, is highly confidential and commercially sensitive. The arrangement is exclusive and includes amongst other things;

  1. The Tahmoor Turkey plant. Tahmoor is Ingham’s Turkey processing facility. It is both an abattoir and small goods operation, producing fresh and frozen turkey meat as well as precooked turkey lines.
  2. Contract Growing. Grant Agri has a contracted growing arrangement for 10,000 birds per month, with capacity to increase.
  3. Contract Processing. Grant Agri has an exclusive processing arrangement for the production of frozen whole birds and packaged fresh and frozen cuts.
  4. Jakim “Halal” Approval. Grant Agri has made the required arrangements, under it's current licensing and Malaysian operations, to effectuate Jakim approval, and the requisite Halal certification of the Tahmoor plant. Such certification to be under Grant Agri.

“Ayam Belanda” Products

Grant Agri has a range of product options. Packaging includes whole turkey vacuum packing in thermoforming "shrink film", and tray pack modified atmosphere packing (MAP). Product is frozen and labelled according to export/import standards.

Frozen Whole Turkey (5kgs) - perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving or Dipanggang
Turkey Breast Fillet - a simple stir fry, or replacement to chicken breast. 90% fat free, high in protein, tender and juicy.
Turkey Mince - a great source of protein for the family, low in fat and perfect for quick recipe ideas.
Turkey Patties - ready to cook and seasoned to suit any tastes, the best burger in town.
Turkey Legs - a great dark meat, rich in flavor and large portion size.

Other Product Options

Additional raw turkey products are available on request including thighs, necks, turkey buffets.

Grant Agri can work with specific retail groups, hotels/resorts and distributors to develop new products such as marinade “ready-to-cook” packs, ready made meals, and pre-cooked small good items.

Co-Branding or “home branding” is also available for large retail groups desirous of long-term supply arrangements.

Solutions for Supermarket Chains

Grant Agri offers long term supply solutions to major supermarket, grocery, chains that provide fixed pricing and locked in quantities based on a long term supply contract. These are based on whole bird utilization, with Grant Agri contracting the supply of quantity of bird numbers per month, processed to specification and to meet the retailers customer demands. Processing is based on average bird size for whole frozen bird requirements, with the balance percentage of "overs and unders" (sized birds) being utilized for selected tray pack products or small goods. Such products can be "co-branded" or "home-branded". This allows retailers to promote new products to market and provide a greater range of turkey product to their customers.

Traceability, Sustainability, Quality

Grant Agri is committed to the sustainable development of food supply systems. It ensures all collaborative partners and supplies meet our strict standards. Grant Agri ensure;

  1. Turkeys are 100% Australian grown with no hormones, and sustainably raised by Inghams.
  2. Turkey meat is certified “Halal” in compliance with Jakim standards and protocols.
  3. Inghams maintain a fully integrated quality management system incorporating all aspects of good manufacturing practices, food safety and HACCP programs in their primary processing and further processing plants.
  4. Ingham’s has established safety, health and environment management systems into all facilities in Australia.
  5. Inghams maintain a comprehensive and integrated sustainability strategy centred on managing water, minimising their impact on the environment, reducing energy use and carbon footprint, achieving zero waste and supporting local communities.
  6. Animal welfare programs designed to manage, monitor and ensure the ethical and humane treatment of the animals in Ingham’s care and are based on scientific research, current legislation, industry codes of practice, standards, veterinary and technical advice.

Grant Agri has a traceability program that tracks and measures the performance the entire supply chain.

Contact Us

  • Email: colin@grantagri.com
  • Malaysia: +601112 201 570
  • Australia: +61487 895 600
  • Email: haadi@grantagri.co
  • Malaysia: +601 07 600 234
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