The Boscastle Flood 16TH AUGUST 2004

On the 16th of August 2004 there was a devastating flood in a small north Cornish town-Boscastle. The people's houses were flooded so they were air rescued- the people were tied to a rope and were pulled up to an helicopter. Fortunately, everyone survived and only one person was injured.

Effects on the people and the buildings: 25 business properties were destroyed- this caused a loss of jobs.50 buildings and properties were damaged- this caused a loss of homes and owner's cost of repairs.4 footbridges were destroyed so this caused people to not be able to get around to other places because they were trapped behind the river flood. Pavements and gardens damaged because of the weight of the water. All the roads were blocked off so the only way to rescue people was by helicopter. £20 million insurance pay out so premiums will now rise.

Causes: physical- stormy weather up to flood meant saturated ground. - steep saturated sides of Valency valleys meant increased surface run-off and therefore discharged volume. - Impermeable rock at Bodmin moor prevented infiltration so water reached channel faster.


Created with images by tejvanphotos - "Oxford Flood" • Bob Linsdell - "Around Boscastle, Cornwall (461023)"

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