Cleanliness & Dorm Unity Clean rooms increase dorm unity

This room is color coordinated as illustrated by the matching rug and the bed comforters. Because they are organized, the girls appear to get along well.

This desk displays chaos. The mood in this picture is one of depression. If dorms are like this, more fights are likely to occur due to stressed out students.

This clean room lessens stress, and improves one's mood. Notice how the dresser has pictures that are organized.

This is a personal picture of my dorm. This room is clean and we all enjoy studying together because it is clean.

Some of the top questions incoming freshman are asked about potential roommates have to do with cleanliness. A dirty room could cause many fights if one student prefers it to be clean and if the other does not care.

This is a typical dorm on east campus. Take note of the white bathroom. White symbolizes cleanliness. Also, the well lit family room makes one feel refreshed. Cleanliness breeds optimism, which in turn, can help dorm unity.


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